Chapitre 02 - interviews, les étudiants de l'Université du Texas, Karen: ma famille

So, your family, do you have a big family? Karen: Non, I have a little family, a little family. Very good. Can you describe your family? Karen: Ah, yes, I have two brothers, whose names are Christian et Alan. My mother's name is Marilyn. I have an aunt whose name is Suzette, an uncle whose name is Jeffrey, and my deux grand parents whose names are Kay and Cliff. Ah ... very good. Karen: And also my father whose name is Jorge. Very good. Where does your father live? Karen: He lives in Mexico City. Okay. Does he have pastimes? Karen: He likes to make music. He writes new age music, I believe. Ah, he's a musician? Karen: Yes, he's a musician. And your brothers, how old are they? Karen: My brother Christian is 26. Alan is 23 I believe. Where do they live? Karen: Christian lives in Houston and Alan lives in Lubbock. And what are their favorite pastimes? Karen: Christian likes to study, study, study and Alan likes video games and he likes to watch films, films. Okay.