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Our History and On-Going Projects

Since its founding in 1982, the UT Faculty Women's Organization has begun, sustained, and implemented various important initiatives that continue to improve the quality of life for faculty and professional staff at the University of Texas at Austin.

The FWO has played a pivotal role in stimulating discussion of problems and their possible solutions. Initiatives the FWO has furthered, alone or in conjunction with other campus entities, include:

  • onsite child care facilities
  • pay equity for women faculty
  • clarification of promotion/tenure rules
  • improved position for lecturers
  • "Stop the Clock" Regent's Rule: and other family-friendly policies
  • recognition of women's issues at UT System level
  • support for the role of women in traditionally underrepresented fields
  • support for the institutionalization of Women's Studies
  • improved representation of women in administrative positions

Our on-going initiatives include:

  • equal access for women for endowed positions
  • work about the "Glass Ceiling" for promotions of women faculty at the Associate Professor level (see Report on "Promotion and Senior Faculty Women" [pdf download])
  • a forum in which female faculty and professional staff can bring concerns directly to the central administration
  • a yearly panel on the promotion and tenure process, and various mentoring initiatives
  • a yearly outing to a Longhorn sports event
  • special topics presentations (Texas Women Faculty Forum, and its session summaries ; professional communication)
  • social events, including a Welcome Reception, attendance at a sports event, and a Holiday Party.

Formal Programs: Our Typical Yearly Schedule

During each long semester, the organization has traditionally hosted approximately two programs. These programs are often during the lunch hour and pertain to topics of interest to faculty women.

Specifics vary, but a typical year of programs will include:

Fall Reception
Meet Women Leaders at UT
Annual Holiday
Family Potluck Dinner
Open Forum with the University President and/or Provost
Lady Longhorns Basketball
Panel: Surviving the Tenure Process