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The links on this page are designed to faciltate access to information and entities that pertain to institutions, policy, professional development, grants, and other issues relating to the status of women and the family, both in the US and abroad.

The most significant of these for UT faculty include the various policy documents outlining the legal framework for employment, benefits, and careers. To supplement these local resources, links have been included to other entities (governmental and private) concerned with the status and policy debates surrounding women and the family, especially with respect to professional status.

This list is not intended to encompass the academic disciplines of women's studies or gender studies; for resources in that direction, see the links provided by UT's Center for Women's and Gender Studies, which administers degrees and other academic programs pertaining to women and gender on the UT campus.

Nonetheless, it includes infomation on various search engines and on major university-affiliated women's studies centers and programs because many of them provide additional links to grants, policy initiatives, and reports of significance, as well as references to more specialized organizations.

Finally, a list of the web addresses for women's studies programs and centers within the State of Texas is included, with the intent of faciltating contacts between institutional entities here.

University of Texas Policy Documents

Information on Careers and Career-Planning

Policy and Lobby Organizations

Search Engines and Master Lists

Major University-Affiliated Research Centers

Women's Studies in Texas