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Steering Committee Directory, 2009-10

Chair: Linda Golden
Secretary-Treasurer: Karron Lewis

We welcome your involvement in this organization. The members of this year's Steering Committee are listed below.
Please contact them if you have ideas for possible programs or if you have something you would like to contribute to the newsletter.

Arens Katherine Professor Germanic Studies k.arens - at - mail.utexas.edu
Bos Pascale Associate Professor Germanic Studies pascale.r.bos - at - mail.utexas.edu
Canning Charlotte Associate Professor Theatre and Dance canningc - at - utxvms.cc.utexas.edu
Cantu Norma Professor Ed. Admin./Law ncantu - at - mail.law.utexas.edu
Freeland-Graves Jeanne Bess Heflin Centennial Professor
and Head, Nutrition Divsion
Human Ecology jfg - at - mail.utexas.edu
Givens Terri Vice Provost Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost tgivens - at - mail.utexas.edu
Golden Linda Marlene and Morton Meyerson
Centennial Professor in Business
Marketing Administration mkllg - at - mail.utexas.edu
Grant Darlene Associate Dean, Graduate School/ Social Work Social Work d.grant - at - mail.utexas.edu
Greenberg Betsy Associate Professor Info, Risk, & Operations Mgmt (IROM) betsyg - at - mail.utexas.edu
Hart Hillary Senior Lecturer Civil Engineering hart - at - mail.utexas.edu
Hilley Martha Distinguished Teaching Professor Music mfhilley - at - mail.utexas.edu
Holahan Carole Professor Kinesiology and Health Ed. c.holahan - at - mail.utexas.edu
Huston Althea Priscilla Pond Flawn Regents Professor
in Child Development
Human Ecology achuston - at - mail.utexas.edu
Jacobvitz Deborah Professor Human Ecology debj - at - mail.utexas.edu
Katz Lynn Professor Civil Architecture & Environmental Engr. lynnkatz - at - mail.utexas.edu
Langlois Judy Charles and Sarah Seay Regents Professor
in Developmental Psychology
Psychology langlois - at - psyvax.psy.utexas.edu
Lewis Karron Associate Directory, DIIA Div of Instructional Innovation
& Assessment (DIIA)
kglewis - at - mail.utexas.edu
Lincove Jane L B J Faculty Fellow LBJ School lincove - at - mail.utexas.edu
MacKay Carol Distinguished Teaching Professor English mackay - at - mail.utexas.edu
McAnelly Lynne Project Director Neurobiology l.mcanelly - at - mail.utexas.edu
Ortiz Alba President's Chair for Education Academic Excellence Special Education alba.ortiz - at - mail.utexas.edu/FONT>
Pomeroy Elizabeth C. Professor Social Work bpomeroy - at - mail.utexas.edu/FONT>
Ramachandran Vijaya William B. Blakemore II Regents Professor
in Computer Sciences
Computer Science vlr - at - cs.utexas.edu
Rankin Mary Ann Dean College of Natural Sciences rankin - at - mail.utexas.edu
Reichl Linda Professor Physics reichl - at - mail.utexas.edu
Ritter Gretchen Director, Center for
Women's and Gender Studies
Government ritter - at - mail.utexas.edu
Rodriguez Victoria Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies OGS/LBJ School v.rodriguez - at - mail.utexas.edu
Wheeler Mary Ernest and Virginia Cockrell Chair in Engineering Petroleum & Geosystems Engr mfw - at - ticam.utexas.edu
Wiseman Zipporah Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor in Law Law zwiseman - at - mail.utexas.edu
Woodard Helena Associate Professor English hwood - at - mail.utexas.edu
Wooley Jacqueline Associate Professor Psychology woolley - at - psyvax.psy.utexas.edu