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Download information on the UT Faculty Women's Organization


Eligibility -- All women who are in faculty and professional staff (Code 1000) positions.

Since the University provides funding only for the fall reception, we need your contributions to function. Your contributions cover:

  • Cost of the Fall Reception Invitations = approx. $1000
  • Printing invitations to other special events = approx. $800
  • Name tags for all functions = approx. $50
  • Special programs and speakers
  • Refreshments for special programs = approx. $500

    Suggested Contribution Levels:
      $20.00 per year Suggested 
      $50.00 per year Contributing 
      $100.00 per year Sustaining 
    Please make your check out to:

    U.T. Faculty Women's Organization
    UT -- G2100
    attn: Karron Lewis