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The University of Texas at Austin is pleased to provide this public web service for students seeking political and government internships, and for employers seeking to locate student interns. The directions below will guide students to a bulletin board of internships posted by employers. Employers can follow the “Post an Internship” directions to a submission form that enables them to submit an internship to be posted on the website.

While this web service is designed primarily to help connect UT-Austin students with opportunities in politics and government in Austin, students and political and governmental entities across the state are invited to use the site. All submissions are screened before being approved for posting.

The Department of Government and the Texas Politics Project at The University of Texas at Austin produced and maintain this site. For more information about the Government Department Internship Program at the University of Texas at Austin, visit the Internships link at the UT Department of Government’s website. Dr. James Henson directs the Texas Politics Project and the Government Department Internship Program.

Recent Listings

Post an Internship

Follow this link if you have a political or governmental internship position you are trying to fill. You will need a description of the opening and contact information.

Find an Internship

Follow this link for a searchable list of government and political internships available to students