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The websites listed here may be of interest, but Japanese Language Program,the Department of Asian Studies, or the University of Texas at Austin do not take responsibility for the contents of these web pages or of any material accessible from these web pages.

    Abou JR Japan Rail Pass : JAPAN RAIL PASS is the most economical means of travelling throughout Japan by rail. There are some restrictions on use; for example, it is avaialbe only to travelers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing. There are several online sites you can buy a JR pass for one, two, or three weeks. Search for "JR Pass."
  • Ekitan (電車、バス、飛行機の乗り換え・地図・時刻表のサーチ)
  • Accomodations in Japan
    • western-style hotels (cheap to expensive)
    • ryokan (旅館) are a type of traditional Japanese inn that typically feature tatami-matted rooms, communal baths
    • business hotels are hotels located near the business district of the country/region they are in. They focus primarily on businesspeople, and yhey provide you with fast internet and quiet rooms.
    • Youth Hostels are found all across Japan.
    • guest houses (外人ハウス) are an inexpensive type of accommodation for foreigners, who stay in Japan for one month or longer. (Some guesthouses also offer weekly contracts.)
    • minshuku (民宿) are family-operated, Japanese-style bed and breakfasts. They offer visitors a good opportunity to meet local families and experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle.
    • capsule hotels (カプセルホテル) are a type of hotel developed in Japan that features a large number of small bed-sized rooms known as capsules.
    • CouchSurfing: free accommodations

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