Department of History     Yoav Di-Capua Assistant Professor, PHD

Nationalism, 1882-1919

Urabi Revolution
The so-called Urabi revolution is a series of political and military events which resulted in the occupation of Egypt by British forces in September 1882.
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Lord Cromer in Power
Cromer was Britainís agent, and then consul general, for Egypt between 1883-1907. He could be rightly considered one of the most influential rulers of Egypt in modern times.
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Dinshaway Incident
British atrocity committed against Egyptian peasants accused of assaulting uniformed British officers, who were hunting pigeons near the village of Dinshaway in Minufiyya province. More >>
1919 Revolution
A nationwide movement of popular resistance, sometimes violent, directed against Britainís protectorate in the context of the end of World War I and the debate over Egyptís future.
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The Nation in Political Posters