Department of History     Yoav Di-Capua Assistant Professor, PHD

Liberal Era Politics, 1919-52

In what frequency the Prime Minister position changes during each decade (1920s, 1930s, and 1940s)? What patterns emerge and what do they mean?
Political parties
Which parties form the Egyptian scene? Can you distinguish between “Left” and “Right” parties? Can you identify the class affiliation of each party?
Political movements
Why is there such a large number of significant extra-parliamentary organizations? In what way “street politics” are represented by the democratic system?
The Monarchy
In what way the King is a factor in the political game? Does he have a stabilizing influence over public life? What is it that the monarchy is actually doing? How Fuad’s 1936 death and the accession of his son Faruq influenced the institution of the monarchy?
Text: 1936 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty
To what degree the Treaty signifies a new stage in Egyptian independence? Does this treaty mark the end of Egypt’s colonial situation? What are the major achievements of the Egyptian national movement? Why did the Wafd party sign it?
Towards an Effective Reform