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Houseplant Care Tips


When a plant outgrows its pot, you would need to repot it into a larger pot with more soil. Best time to do it is during early spring, that way the plant can get used to the new soil faster with its spring growth spurt.

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Bonus food for your babies. However, excessive fertilizer could damage your plants. Do not fertilizer recently potted plants or low-light plants. Spring and summer are the best time to add fertilizer.

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Houseplant fertilizer basics


More plants for free! Different types of plant have different propagation methods.

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Common Issues

Brown leaves an indication of poor watering habits such as shallow watering, make sure to water through the soil
Yellow leaves an indication of moisture stress. Overwatering or underwatering. Check the soil to see if it's too dry
Gnats these tiny bugs love moist soil and they reproduce at a crazy rate. Add a thin layer of pebbles or gravel on top of the soil to reduce their breeding ground. Sometimes a gnats problem can also indicate root rot