Wave III Education Data Users’ Guides

Estimates that incorporate transcript information can be computed using the Add Health analytical weights. However, these estimates will be biased because of the missing transcripts. Therefore, new weights were computed to reduce the bias. Adjusted weights were created for two sets of respondents: 1) TWGT3 for longitudinal Wave I, II, and III respondents and 2) TWGT3_2 for cross-sectional Wave I and Wave III respondents. The AHAA weights data file, EDUWGT, is available to the user community through Add Health. For more information on the design and implementation of these weights, see pages 16-21 in the Users’ Guide, Design and Implementation of the Adolescent Health and Academic Achievement Study, 2007.

Users’ Guides

Weights Codebook, 2005 (Riegle-Crumb et al.)

Weights, 2005 (Roey)