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RIGHT: Different languages often group concepts together in different ways. RIGHT is an example of this. It is a word that has many disparate meanings in English. The sign that you see here means "correct" in ASL. There are different signs to represent the other meanings of the English word right, such as a legal right, or turning to the right. In sum, you must be careful: ASL signs aren't simple translations of English words. An ASL sign can have a different range of usages than the English word by which the sign is labeled.

WRONG: Notice the use of non-manual behaviors that accompany and enhance the meaning of this sign. The signer's facial expression and the shaking of her head emphasize the meaning of the word. In English, the intensity or degree of the concept you are communicating is expressed by descriptive words and other cues like tone of voice. In ASL, varying the speed, intensity, or facial expressions and body language that accompany the sign can achieve the same effect.

BAD: the sign begins with a flat-hand at the chin, with the palm facing the signer. The hand then moves downward while the forearm twists outward.