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Pay attention to the facial expressions that the signers make when describing different sizes (as when ordering food) or different distances. These expressions are described in the grammar notes for Unit 3 and are a very important part of talking about objects in space in ASL. See the linguistic notes in Unit 4 for specifics on giving directions.
In these videos, Mr. Connolly has used a facial expression that has been called "cs" (see Signing Naturally, Level 1, Unit 3, p. 19). For example, Mr. Connolly sign's NEXT-TO (together with the cs expression) might be translated into English as "just next to" or "right next to." This facial expression is not a necessary part of these signs, but is instead a way of modifying spatial or temporal signs to indicate "very near" or "just recently". The cs facial expression functions much like an English adverb. Notice also that Ms. Bosson used a more neutral facial expression in the signs that she produced.