Clock Numbers

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Similar to age-numbers, the time numbers ONE through NINE are signed with the palm facing out from the signer. Time is indicated by touching the wrist, as if tapping a watch, at the beginning of the number sign. For time numbers above 9, first touch the index finger to the back of the wrist, then move the number handshape outward into the sign space and shake slightly. Some signer sometimes omit touching the wrist and, instead, shake the number sign back and forth slightly in front of the signer. This is done only for the hours (e.g., 2:00, 3:00, but not 3:15).

Compound Time Signs
You may be wondering why the signer does not tap her wrist to indicate time. Instead, she places a time sign (MORNING, EVENING, or AFTERNOON) after the number-signs. This indicates time also, and is an acceptable alternative.