The player page of the Aswaat cArabiyya site is organized as follows.

Please note that not all video selections include components 4 to 8 below. These components are included with selections that show an asterisk (*) after the selection title. The rest of the selections include just the video without any worksheets.

Proficiency Levels
The levels are, from top to bottom: Novice (blue), Regular Intermediate (green), High Intermediate (olive green), Advanced (gold), Advanced High (orange), and Superior (red).
Video Selections
Each selection has been matched with a level and worksheets have been developed for many of the selections. Once a movie has been chosen, it will begin downloading. This is indicated by the progress bar, a red line under the video. Aswaat cArabiyya utilizes progressive download to your machine, allowing you to easily scrub back and forth along different points in the timeline. The video will remain in place for the duration of the session.
Speed Control
This feature allows you to control the delivery speed within each selection. You can choose among three different speeds: “Normal”, “Slow”, and “Slowest
Pre-listening questions
Answer these questions before listening to the selection. These questions are intended to: (i) provide any background information needed to understand the selection and activate your background knowledge; (iii) create anticipation and expectations; and (iv) introduce key concepts and vocabulary essential for comprehension.
Comprehension questions
Answer these questions after you have listened to the selection. Listen to the passage in its entirety to focus on the “global” meaning expressed in the passage and form initial assumptions about the information presented, which you will need to confirm or modify in subsequent listening runs. These questions are provided in PDF format in order to allow you to print them out, write your answers and take to your teacher for checking.
Intensive listening
In this section, a variety of tasks are presented that aim to focus your attention on (i) listening for details, (ii) guessing from context the meaning of certain words or expressions, (iii) focusing on selected language forms, and (iv) transcribing (dictation). This section provides you with the ability to play the same section over and over. Use the numbers to jump to preset points in the video and the arrows to loop a specific portion of the video.
Post-listening questions:
Answer these questions after you are done with the listening activities. The post-listening questions and activities aim to help you integrate the materials you have listened to with other language skills and class activities.
Vocabulary help:
In this section you will find a few vocabulary items that have been extracted from the text. With each item we’ve provided an English translation along with 2 audio-recorded sentences aimed at demonstrating how this word is used in context. This should help you expand your vocabulary.