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Asian Studies Spring Festival 2004

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The Department held its annual Spring Festival April 7th. Asian Studies faculty, staff, and students gathered to indulge in delicious Asian food and camaraderie, and to share in celebrating the achievements of our Asian Studies and Asian Cultures/Languages majors.
Faculty presented various scholarships and fellowships and recognized outstanding students. Also in attendance were select undergraduate non-majors who have demonstrated an interest and excellence in Asian Studies courses. Among the undergraduate honorees were:

Outstanding Student in Japan Studies — Paul Penaloza, Heather Littlefield, Elizabeth Bittner
Outstanding Japanese Language Student — Michelle Chang, Mark Hayenga
Asian Studies Scholarship for Study Abroad — David Maiorino, Katie Bruno


左-右 / Left to Right

写真 1:マクラクラン先生からしょうじょうを受け取るリトルフィールズさん。Patricia Maclachlan presents an award to Heather Littlefield
写真 2:リトルフィールズさん(左)とビットナーさん(右)。Heather Littlefield, Elizabeth Bittner (Outstanding Student in Japan Studies)
写真 3:ブルーノさんとマイリノさん。Katie Bruno and David Maiorino (Asian Studies Scholarship for Study Abroad)
写真 4:ハエンガさんと畑中先生。Mark Hayenga (Outstanding Japanese Language)
写真 5:チェングさんと水藤先生。Michelle Chang (Outstanding Japanese Language Student)
写真 6:前:リトルフィールド、チェング, 後ろ:ビール、マイリノ、ハエンガ、ブルーノ、パーク
写真 7:TA のしみずいし先生 と さくま先生