How to Play
Action How to do it
To find Kanji words Find one-Kanji or two-Kanji words which readings (Furigana)
consist of 3-4 Hiragana
. e.g., one-Kanji word: 「十」 and 「じゅう」; two-Kanji word: 「日本」 and 「にほん」
To select a Kanji Square Click the squares you want to select from the left or from the top direction. Choose up to 2 squares. You cannot select squares diagonally.

Note:You must choose the squares in the correct order.
To enter the reading of the Kanji Click the text box near the bottom, and enter the hiragana characters.
To erase a square Choose a square(s) and after you enter the reading for the Kanji, either click the "Submit" button or press the "Enter" key. Once you do that, the chosen Kanji will dissapear.
If you erase all the Kanji, you win! If there are any Kanji left remaining, you lose :(.