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Japanizing Your Computer

Formatted papers for learning Japanese and "How to" directions

Language Links

Useful sites for Japanese Language Proficiency Test


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Reading Materials

link to listening materials linksListening Materials

Useful References and Databases for Reading Japanese

    • Japan Knowledge
      • UT students and faculty members: go through UT Library database site to access; look up any Japanese word, person, place, historical incident here; English encyclopedias included
    • Kotobank
      • online Japanese dictionary with reliable, correct readings of kanji and definitions in fairly easy to understand Japanese
    • GOO Jisho: Online in-Japanese dictionaries
    • Denshi Jisho: English-Japanese dictionary

    ON-LINE Japanese Help Sites
    • IMABI
      • It has tons of free information concerning Japanese at many angles, and it has been proofread by several natives in the past. It can help when you encounter new grammatical patterns, vocabulary, and Kanji as you read the passages in this course.
    • JOSHU: designed & run by our very own fabulous Japanese language lecturers at UT.
      • It is one of the only places online where most of the people that answer the questions about Japanese can do so linguistically correctly.

    ON-LINE Japanese Literature Databases
    • 青空文庫(あおぞらぶんこ)
      • : a free database filled with works of Japanese literature; search by author or title of work
    • 百物語(ひゃくものがたり)
      • : These short stories are good and fun reads. There is some dialectical speech, but any form of a language is technically dialectical. Most stories are written completely in 関東弁, which is the category that comprises most dialects spoken in East Japanese, including 標準語. 標準語 is just artificially tweaked 関東弁. Given that there is more than 300 of them, you have one for basically each day of the year. Happy reading.
    • Univ. of VA e-texts
      • : A large collection of free online texts of Japanese literature from premodern to modern era.

    Print Dictionaries
    • Nelson’s – for looking up kanji and kanji compounds by # of strokes & radicals
    • Kojien 広辞苑 – for definitions of Japanese words in Japanese; comprehensive

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