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リスニング (Listening) と スピーキング (Speaking)

JPN317C: Questions and Answers

If you are using this exercise as a homework assignment, audio record the session using a recording tool on your computer. For UT students, use the audio submission tool on Canvas.

Exercises in this section are
(1) Questions-and-Answers
(2) Restating statements in different sentence structures.
In each audio file, you have questions/statements followed by a brief silence and then the correct answers. Answer each question or restate statements, then self-check your answer by listening to the correct answer. If you don’t have enough time to answer the question, pause the audio file before you proceed.

(1)  Adversative (suffering) Passive
       When you hear what Sarah did to Eric, your task is to restate each sentence
       in the passive form.
       In your answer, include who is suffering and who caused it.


       [れい]  サラ:私はエリックのケーキを食べました。
                    (your answer) エリックはサラにケーキを食べられました。
                    (correct answer) エリックはサラにケーキを食べられました。


(2)  Command sentences --> Causative-Passive sentences
       When yo hear command sentences, your task is to restate each sentence in the causative-passive form.
       In your answer, include who forced who to do something.

       私はサラです。私の弟はエリックです。私はエリックに色々なことを「しなさい (Do it!)」と言います。
       エリックは私に何をさせられましたか (What was Eric forced by me to do?)。

       [れい]  サラ:エリックそうじしなさい。
                    (your answer) エリックはサラにそうじさせられました。
                    (correct answer) エリックはサラにそうじさせられました。