During fall 2006, staff from Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) at the University of Texas at Austin recorded 40 lectures by UT historian and distinguished teacher Dr. Howard Miller in his course Jesus in American Culture. This Web site makes these recordings available to the UT community and the world. We hope you find value in them.
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Course in 90 Seconds

The Course in 90 Seconds introduces the visual and aural richness of the full-length lecture recordings.
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The four lectures below offer a substantial taste of Jesus in American Culture.
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Day 1. Jesus and Historical Inquiry: Introducing the Course
Day 9. Jesus Comes to America (Part 2) & Father and Son (Part 1)
Day 21. Reform, Race, and the Civil War (Part 3)
Day 33. Jesus in Depression and War (Part 4) & Jesus in the Age of Conformity (Part 1)

Table of Contents

The full Table of Contents provides links to all 40 lectures.

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