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Welcome to the world of Russian Online where you will begin to learn the rich and enigmatic language and culture of Russia. Your companions for this journey include your instructor, fellow students, Polina, her good friend Oleg the hedgehog, and many others. This course is designed to allow you the flexibility of working at times that fit your schedule while also offering the structure needed to learn a language.

Let's take a look at the course:

The Russian Online program consists of three courses, Russian 406, 407, and 412K. The Russian Online program is semi-intensive. It covers in three semesters what a traditional college-level foreign language program covers in four. These are college level courses that carry full credit from The University of Texas at Austin.

Russian 406 is first course in the sequence. This course will introduce you to Russian language and culture. You will learn to read and write in Cyrillic and to carry on simple conversations. You will also learn about Russia - the country, its people, and its rich culture. In order to negotiate this course successfully, you should expect to spend between 15 and 20 hours a week working through the material and assignments. Once a week students will meet together with the instructor for 'Language Lab'. This meeting is required and is where students will get the chance to practice speaking Russian with all other students and the instructor at the same time. Additional and optional meetings are likely and will be arranged when possible. Throughout the course, you will receive regular instructor feedback and interact often with your fellow classmates. And all of it is online!

The three semester sequence is designed to be taken consecutively, as each semester builds on the previous. The goal of the sequence is to bring you to an Intermediate-level proficiency range, based on ACTFL guidelines and to prepare you for advanced Russian language study. Regardless of your learning style, each of the three courses is designed to enable you to engage with Russian language in the form of music, television, film, and general everyday conversation.

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