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Some of the folks who helped create and shape the world, according to Tex and Tammy:

UT south mall fountain
editorial, writing, content
Carl Blyth
Karen Kelton
Lindsy Myers
Catherine Delyfer
Yvonne Munn
Jane Lippmann

cartoons, characters
Walter Moore

the color orange
Armadillo World Headquarters

character voices
Eric Russell Tex
Stephanie Pellet Tammy
Nora Megharbi Bette
Marlin Parrack Corey
Walter Moore Joe Bob
Seth Wolitz Edouard
Karen Cody Fiona
Carl Blyth Paw Paw
Lindsy Myers les enfants
Catherine Delyfer narrator, Rita
special thanks
Brian Roberts Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Joe TenBarge Director, Liberal Arts ITS
Dina Sherzer Former Chair, Dept. of French & Italian
Daniela Bini Chair, Dept. of French & Italian
s. palomino design, web, cms, multimedia
Karen Kelton audio recording, editing
James Lewis tex v1, html clean-up coordination
Gary Dickerson tex v1, html
Dale Austin tex v1, html
Tex's fans comments, suggestions