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never listens to countryNegation is a grammatical term for the contradiction of some or all of the meaning of an affirmative (positive) sentence. In English, a sentence is commonly negated by inserting a single negative word (not, don't, didn't, won't , etc.) into the appropriate place in the sentence. In French, a sentence is commonly negated by inserting two words.

basic negation
Ne ... pas is placed around the conjugated verb to negate an affirmative sentence in French. Note that the ne changes to n' before a verb beginning with a vowel.

Joe-Bob, l'écureuil, court vite.   Joe-Bob, the squirrel, runs fast.
Edouard, l'escargot, ne court pas vite.   Edouard the snail doesn't run fast.

Trey aime le rap.   Trey likes rap.
Joe-Bob n'aime pas le rap.   Joe-Bob doesn't like rap.

alternate forms of negation
There are many other French words that one can use to negate a positive statement besides the basic form ne ... pas. Moreover, negative words can be used to contradict the verb as well as other parts of the original affirmative sentence.

Joe-Bob écoute de la musique country.   Joe-Bob listens to country.
Tex n'écoute jamais de musique country.   Tex never listens to country.
Trey n'écoute que du rap.   Trey only listens to rap.
Fiona n'écoute rien.   Fiona listens to nothing.
Presque personne n'écoute de musique country en France.   Almost nobody listens to country music in France.