GOV312L: United States Foreign Policy

This course follows the development of America's foreign policy over the last two centuries and explores the moral and ethical challenges of shaping international political order. Lectures are recorded in HD video and led by Professors Rob Moser and Pat McDonald, with guest interviews from experts in their fields.

Course meets ONLINE delivered through MODULES, which are short pre-recorded lecture segments and associated activities delivered through Canvas. Modules are completed ON-DEMAND by students when their schedule allows. However, students are REQUIRED to complete a pre-set number of modules and their associated activities by pre-determined deadlines.

  • Summer 2015: unique #84034
  • Fall 2015: unique #37623 and #37624
  • Complete weekly lessons by pre-determined deadlines
  • Fulfills the second half of the required Government sequence
  • Requires a computer with webcam, microphone, and stable internet connection