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Spanish Corpus Proficiency Level Training

Welcome to the Spanish Corpus & Proficiency Level Training (SPT) Website

Here you will find video recordings of Spanish learners of different levels answering several questions, a written transcript of what they say, and exercises that will guide you interactively to notice features about their talk, as well as answers to those exercises. The purpose of the site is to:

  1. Learn to evaluate Spanish proficiency levels.
  2. Access a Spanish corpus of beginner to advanced learners of Spanish.

For more ideas on how to use the website, please refer to our suggestions on the "about" page.

For links to other resources related to second language learner proficiency, please refer to our glossary and links page.

Getting Started: Use this site to evaluate Spanish proficiency levels

  1. Go to proficiency levels: practice, review the proficiency level descriptions, watch the video and do the sample learner proficiency level activity.
  2. Answer the list of training questions on vocabulary, grammar, fluency, conversation management and generalizations so that you are prepared to answer questions on these topics when watching other videos.
  3. Go to video activity, select a learner and a topic, and begin to answer the questions.
  4. After watching several videos of a learner answering questions on different topics, try to evaluate the learner’s proficiency level.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to our user's guide.

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