Analytic Advice

The Analytic Advice examples are designed to help analysts understand the structure of the AHAA dataset and its relationship to the Add Health study. We suggest researchers familiarize themselves with the information on the AHAA & Add Health webpage before reading the Analytic Advice examples. When using AHAA and Add Health data, analysts must pay particular attention to how AHAA transcript information intersects with the Add Health surveys for different Add Health cohorts. Though these examples provide guidance, we encourage researchers to think critically about the correspondence between the timing of the Add Health surveys and AHAA data when selecting appropriate samples and variables to use to address their specific research questions.

The conceptual model below gives an overview of all substantive aspects of the AHAA data set including data intended for future release (i.e., curricular content exposure and social contexts). Note that survey-based indicators capturing issues pertaining to health, relationships, socio-economic status, work, and post-secondary education are included in the Add Health data base.

Conceptual Overview of the AHAA Study