Sarah Luce


taught English in Japan
tutored Japanese
Volunteer Coordinator for Austin Animal Center



帰国してから、家庭教師として日本語を教えました。でも3年前に、Austin Animal Centerのボランティア∙コーディネーターになりました。今の仕事は日本語には関係がありません。でも、オースティンにいる日本人の友達に会って日本語をしゃべったり、本やドラマで日本語の練習をまだ続けています。動物保護に関わる仕事は自分に一番向いてると思います。ところで、動物の好きな人、Austin Animal Centerのボランティアになりませんか。楽しいですよ。

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I graduated from UT in 2002 with a degree in Japanese, but I didn't have interest in becoming a translator or anything like that. I simply loved the culture and literature of Japan and thought of trying to live there. From 2003 to 2005 I worked for an English conversation school in Nara called "Nova". While the everyday life at work was tedious, I made friends with the Japanese students and had fun teaching the children. I often met my Japanese friends for conversation practice; we went to festivals together and visited temples and shrines. Because I was living in Kansai, my friends even taught me some Kansaiben. I also got to see historical places like Todaiji's Daibutsu, or Giant Buddha. I have lots of fond memories of my time there.

Since returning to the states, I've worked as a Japanese tutor on the side, and three years ago I became the Volunteer Coordinator for Austin Animal Center. Though my current job is not related to Japanese I still continue to practice through reading and watching Japanese dramas as well as meeting Japanese friends. I feel like Animal Welfare is where I belong as far as a job is concerned. By the way, for those animal lovers out there - how about volunteering at Austin Animal Center?? It's a lot of fun!


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