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To be honest, I had no idea what Life After UT would be like. I mean, the best time of my life was my time in university (I blame Nova for making me use that word instead of the American dialect "college"), so I couldn't really imagine life after university. I certainly didn't foresee what actually came to pass. I don't think many people could have.

Anyway, after graduating from UT, I did what a lot of foreigners do to get to Japan; I taught English, specifically at the now-defunct Nova. Now, this isn't the best job for someone who wants to improve their Japanese. First off, most of your coworkers don't speak a lick of it, then the company forbids you from using Japanese on the job, and then the Japanese staff even can speak English, sort of. In my case, I felt like during the 6 months I worked at Nova, I dropped from UT Japanese graduate to second-year Japanese.

Speaking of Nova, it made some big news here in Japan. You might have heard about the fall of the mighty Nova English School Empire. Anyway, this was both a good and bad thing for me. The bad thing about it was that it left me unemployed in a foreign country. The work was easy, and the money was good. The good thing about it was that it got me out of that Japanese-ability-killing environment, and it set me on the path to finding a real job.

So, I started looking for employment in the Land of the Rising Sun, using such websites as GaijinPot.com. Miraculously, I found a pretty good job. Now, I am a service manager at a game localization company called Nanica. While the company mainly focuses on game translation
and the like, I also manage projects not entirely related to gaming. In any case, I have translated one full game's in-game text. I can't tell you what it is though. The job is otherwise pretty interesting, and I get to use business Japanese every day. Next year, I will be
going to Los Angeles to help with voice recording production for an upcoming game.

So, Life After UT isn't as scary as it could have been. The way things went, though, certainly didn't match even my wildest dreams.


**ウェンさんはUTの4年生の時、日本語科の教材をポワーポイントにするプロジェクトにstudent technology assistantとして 参加しました。


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