Building and Facilities Services

We lead projects from reconfigured spaces to new construction for innovative research and academic uses.

The LAITS Facilities team can help identify spaces for teaching, research, and events. We manage temporary and permanent space requests, as well as the official space inventory for all units within the College of Liberal Arts.

We can help with the smallest maintenance request such as rekeying a room to managing new construction projects.


Grant Barger

Director of Facility Management



A program to design, manage, and support lab facilities for researchers throughout the College of Liberal Arts.


A program to provide private or shared office facilities for academic departments with short-term space needs.

Patton Hall (RLP)

Patton Hall is dedicated to serving the students, faculty, and staff in the College of Liberal Arts, with an abundance of meeting rooms, lab facilities, and general purpose classrooms.

Glickman Conference Center

Located on the first floor of Patton Hall (RLP), Julius Glickman Conference Center is available for use by Liberal Arts faculty and staff for meetings, conferences and other events.

Meeting Room Reservations

Find meeting rooms in Patton Hall and BEL for use by Liberal Arts faculty and staff.

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