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Innovation online at UT Austin


  • A front-row seat to top UT instructors
  • High-quality media-rich lectures


  • Engaging expert guests, student panels, demonstrations
  • Interactive activities, group chats, polls, surveys, and more


  • Accessible and convenient, to stay on your path to graduation
  • Core, flag, and upper-division courses
  • Regular UT advising, registration, and in-residence credit

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition?

Tuition rates are available on the Texas One Stop page.

I am not currently enrolled at UT Austin. Can I enroll for a summer course?

If you are an undergraduate student pursuing a degree at another U.S. college or university who wants to take a course at The University of Texas at Austin during a summer session, you can apply for visiting student (transient) admission. The deadline to apply is May 1st.

How do I register?

Register during your scheduled access times. Find your access times by checking your Registration Information Sheet.

I registered for a course during the add/drop period. Why am I not seeing it on Canvas yet?

The system updates at set times throughout the day. Please check back periodically.

Are these courses eligible for Financial Aid?

Online courses count towards your financial aid enrollment requirements the same way face-to-face and hybrid courses do. Please confirm your individual financial aid status with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

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