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Supporting UT faculty and students since 2012

We develop high-impact online and hybrid courses with world-class UT faculty, bringing instructors and students together through technology.


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What makes LAITS-supported courses unique?

The LAITS Course Development Model puts instructors front and center, supporting their priorities, creativity, and teaching preferences.

Flexible and engaging student experience

Courses are brought to life – enhanced through tech, tools, and creative, high-quality media production.

Student attendance and participation is motivated through lectures, chats, polls, discussions, labs, expert guests, demos, student panels, and more.

Summer UT Online Courses Make Learning Accessible →

Interactive tools and technology

Faculty vision drives our academic tools design, development, and integration.

Custom tools are designed to support student interaction, student performance, and secure assessment.

Services and practices for student success and academic integrity are planned and supported.

UT Student Success Tool Supports Students Online and Campus-wide →

Top UT faculty at their best

We provide full-service expert support for course planning, preparation, production, and delivery.

Our flexible course development framework allows faculty to teach using familiar methods, outlines, and pacing.

LAITS specialists bring best practices, tools, and production options to the table, so faculty can focus on teaching.

Student Knowledge Shines Online →

High-quality media production

Efficient, high-end lecture production minimizes faculty time, while maximizing quality and accessibility for students.

Derivative course versions are planned and developed for summer terms and long sessions where needed.

On-location Documentaries Bring “Power and Place” to the Student Experience →


Marla Gilliland

Director of Course Development


  • Summer UT Online Courses Make Learning Accessible

    Summer UT Online Courses Make Learning Accessible

    Every summer, thousands of UT students enroll in UT online courses to make progress toward their degree, and to move ahead with minors and certificates.  “Future you will thank you” has become a tagline seen around campus as registration for summer and fall courses approaches each year. This summer, more students will enroll in Dev…

  • Student Knowledge Shines Online

    Student Knowledge Shines Online

    When speaking with students a few years ago Dr. Jeremi Suri was taken aback to hear that many had never delivered an oral presentation in any of their courses. Suri feels strongly that helping students build confidence speaking publicly serves them well both on and beyond the Forty Acres. His conversation with students revealed the…

  • On-Location Documentaries Brings “Power and Place” to the Student Experience

    On-Location Documentaries Brings “Power and Place” to the Student Experience

    What are the stories told about Texas’ history? How do particular places help those stories be told? Dr. Edmund Gordon has built his interdisciplinary course “Power and Place: Making Texas History” around using the built landscape as a window into the state’s history. Gordon has partnered with the Dev Studio to produce on-location documentaries that…

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