Network and Voice Support

LAITS staff assist units with the management of building wired and wireless networks, including moves, adds and changes, troubleshooting, managing cabling, purchasing network hardware, and the overall network lifecycle and budgeting. Our staff can also assist units with provisioning and troubleshooting phones, updating caller ID, and provisioning / resetting voicemail.

Service Description

Network Support

  • Network troubleshooting
  • Activation of wired cable outlets (network moves/adds/changes)
  • Configuration of network VLANs
  • Configuration of VPN access groups
  • Configuration of DHCP / Static IPs and associated network hostnames (if required)
  • Configuration of devices in networking tools to enable remote access to on-campus devices
  • Coordination of work orders for new cables on behalf of customers (ITS fee involved)
  • Management and maintenance of network documentation (cable outlets mapped to network switch ports)
  • Collaboration with ITS-Networking to upgrade/replace network equipment
  • Coordination of network outages with departments and ITS-Networking

Network Lifecycle

  • Provide a regular forecast of network hardware costs, including lifecycle of routers/gateways, access switches, and wireless access points
  • Liaison with¬†ITS-Networking and Telecommunication¬†to plan and budget he cost of network hardware replacement

Voice Support

  • Coordination of VOIP phone purchases for departments (ITS fee involved)
  • Deployment and configuration of VOIP phones
  • Reset Voicemail PINs
  • Clear Voicemail boxes
  • Answers basic questions and provide basic training about phones & voicemail

Last Updated: 2023-08-03

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