Server Management

LAITS offers management of Windows and Linux servers (as well as Linux workstations and remotely accessible Windows virtual desktops) as an a la carte service.


Support Hours

LAITS provides Server Management from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday, during class days of academic semesters, and 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday during non-class days (hereafter ‘regular business hours’). After hours support will be provided to the client as described under ‘Outages’. Support during the winter break intersession is not provided unless specifically arranged with a customer.

Contacting Support

LAITS provides support via the following channels:

LAITS cannot ensure a timely support response for any request initiated outside these channels.

Terms and Rates


The client or LAITS may choose to terminate our agreement by providing written notice via email no less than 90 days prior to the proposed date of termination of support. Clients should provide notification to LAITS via email to A fee for labor may be charged to transition server support to other providers. A prorated refund will be provided to client for the balance of funds.
Client agrees to the terms of our services as delineated in this website.


LAITS charges a flat fee for server management that covers the standard support and maintenance of a server. Work requested to be performed outside of this standard support and maintenance will be billed to the customer in addition to this flat fee. Work outside of standard support includes consultation, system onboarding and offboarding, system rebuilds, significant OS/application upgrades and application troubleshooting.

LAITS server management staff will notify customers if work requested is outside of the standard support, along with an estimate of the amount of time and cost, prior to beginning any work that would be charged hourly rates. Our rates are as follows:

Standard Linux or Windows Server Management$1250/year
Complex Linux or Windows Server Management$2500/year
Server Monitoring$250/year
Linux Workstation Management (Physical or VM)$550/year
LAITS Backup System$200/TB/year
Rate for Linux Support$146/hour
Rate for Windows Support$97/hour
After Hours Rate for Linux Support$219/hour
After Hours Rate for Windows Support$146/hour
One Time Onboarding/Offboarding Fee (at system onboard)$300

Standard and Complex Servers

Our rate is based on the support required for a given server. Any server with one or more ‘Complex’ features will be charged the Complex Server Management rate.

FunctionStandard ServerComplex Server
PlatformUT-VMG Virtual MachinePhysical Server
Non-UT-VMG Virtual Machine
Operating SystemWindows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2022
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
Other Operating System
ApplicationsSingle purpose system
Standard application stack
Well Supported/Contributed open source
Multiple applications
Multipurpose system
Non-standard application stack
Non-supported vendor applications
Open source with limited contributors
AccessLess than 10 access groups
UT Active Directory
More than 10 access groups
Nested access groups
Non-standard access control
Local accounts
Compliance/RiskStandard compliance requirementsHIPPA or other special compliance
High risk data/applications
MonitoringStandard monitoringMultiple application or service monitoring
Special client notifications
MaintenanceNormal maintenance windowSpecial maintenance window
Outage ResponseBusiness HoursAfter Hours (subject to additional charges)

Onboarding/Offboarding Systems

LAITS charges a one-time fee per server to cover the costs of onboarding/offboarding servers into our management. This covers costs for adding and removing servers from ISORA inventory, Nagios, UT-VMG, documenting in the wiki, etc. This fee is charged for new servers or rebuilt servers as part of the initial commissioning of the system.

UT-VMG or UDC Co-Location

For most situations, LAITS recommends using a UT-VMG virtual machine. LAITS can configure and provision your server VM as required with the necessary CPU, RAM, and storage for the clients purposes. UT-VMG is billed monthly directly to the customer by ITS.

If a physical server is required, LAITS strongly encourages that they be co-located at the University Data Center (UDC). The UDC charges are billed annually directly to the customer by ITS.

Server Build/Rebuild

Clients may require LAITS to do the initial build or a rebuild of a server. Depending on the complexity, LAITS will charge a minimum of 4 hours at the appropriate hourly rate for this work.

If the amount of time is expected to be significantly more than 4 hours, LAITS staff will provide the client with an estimate before beginning the build. Note that new servers will also be charged the Onboarding/Offboarding rate above.

Server Monitoring

LAITS provides monitoring of services as a stand-alone service for customers who desire us to monitor status of websites or applications. This is for hosts that are not managed by LAITS: basic system monitoring is included as described elsewhere in this document.


UT-VMG provides backup as part of their service. LAITS will help clients with determining the cost of backups and configuration to meet client’s needs. For physical systems, or systems where the UT-VMG backup system won’t be sufficient, LAITS can configure systems to use the LAITS tape backup system.

Service Description

Server Management

Services included in server management are:

  • Monthly OS patching
  • Critical OS patching when required by the ISO
  • System monitoring and alerting
  • Monthly OS security review
  • Basic OS troubleshooting and resolution
  • Account creation and access control
  • Active directory or LDAP services for access control. Other access control services may be provided at additional charge.
  • Implementation of ISO minimum security standards
  • Vulnerability or quarantine response
  • SSL certificate management
  • UT-VMG provisioning, configuration and management
  • Customized system monitoring alerts (additional cost)
  • Splunk (additional cost)

Workstation Management

LAITS provides management of Linux workstations and remotely accessible Windows virtual desktops. This service includes:

  • Monthly OS patching
  • Critical OS patching when required by the ISO
  • Basic OS troubleshooting and resolution
  • Account creation and access control
  • Active directory or LDAP services for access control. Other access control services may be provided at additional charge.
  • Implementation of ISO minimum security standards
  • Vulnerability or quarantine response
  • UT-VMG provisioning, configuration and management

System Maintenance

LAITS will apply and keep operating system (OS) patches and updates current. LAITS will deploy updates during a regular scheduled monthly maintenance window. Clients will receive at least 48 hours notice before any disruptive maintenance is performed. Emergency outages will be conducted when the integrity of the system itself relies upon the maintenance. Examples may include disk corruption, ISO quarantine, critical security patch updates directed by security, or system security breaches.

System Monitoring

LAITS uses Nagios to monitor systems. Nagios requires agents to be installed on all systems to perform monitoring. LAITS will typically monitor the folllowing items with standardized alert thresholds:

  • Ping response
  • Hardware status – CPU, memory, hard drive
  • Core application(s) status – if feasible

At the request of the client LAITS can add the client to receive notification for their systems alerts.

Outage Response

LAITS will maintain an outage alert system to ensure that the appropriate parties are notified of events that may cause a disruption of access to client servers. Outages will be resolved only during regular business hours, unless specifically requested by the client or previously agreed to in the SLA. If an outage occurs after hours, resolution will begin at the start of the next business day. If after hours support is necessary, after hours rates will be charged for all time worked. 

During winter break, LAITS does not provide a skeleton support crew, and support will be limited. Response time will be a minimum of six (6) hours (not inclusive of problem identification and resolution), and client will be charged the after hours rate.

During regular business hours, outage response time will be one (1) hour. During after hours, outage response time will be four (4) hours. In both cases, this does not include problem identification and resolution. Events outside of LAITS control, such as upstream issues with UT network and data center infrastructure, will be reported to the client with no further action required by LAITS.

Security and Compliance

LAITS will monitor and maintain security settings that are compliant with the UT Information Security Office (ISO) standards to the best of our abilities. LAITS will respond to any vulnerability notices and complete any patching or remediation necessary to prevent quarantine.  The department point of contact may be consulted if vulnerabilities impact the server applications that are not managed by LAITS.

Access Management

LAITS will maintain a list of authorized users and administrators who are able to access each server.  This list will be reviewed annually with the client contact to ensure accuracy.  Authorized users may be added or removed from this list at any time upon request by the client contact. User access will be limited to the commands and tools needed to do their work. Users will not have access to administrative commands or tools. LAITS cannot guarantee the integrity of the system if the client requires administrative access.

Client Responsibilities

Physical Hardware and Operating Systems

  • Physical hardware must be supportable and an active warranty is strongly encouraged.
  • Operating systems must be current and supportable. LAITS will annually consult with the client to forecast when new hardware or an operating system upgrade will likely be required. (OS upgrades will typically have an additional charge.)


  • Insure locally developed application software is checked into the University’s GitHub each time there is a modification to the code base. LAITS is not responsible for management or recovery of locally developed application code which is not managed in this way.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that applications are regularly patched and updated to maintain supportability.

Security and Communication

  • Promptly report any issues or concerns to LAITS via email channels.
  • Systems must be compliant with all University and Information Security Office (ISO) protocols and regulations.
  • Do not install or use unauthorized software or tools.
  • Client will not try to circumvent the system security or attempt to access administrative tools.

Last Updated: 2023-08-07

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