Student Lab Computer Support

The Student Lab Computer Support service includes the development of a set of software applications (hereafter “image”) applied to a set of computers within a student lab. The service includes regular patching of operating system and software, management of access groups (if required), security and compliance implementation, as well as troubleshooting and managing repair of in-warranty computers.


Support Hours

LAITS provides Student Lab Computer Support from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday, during class days of academic semesters, and 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday during non-class days (hereafter ‘regular business hours’). No support will be provided on weekends or University holidays, or days when the University is closed.

Contacting Support

LAITS provides support via the following channels:

LAITS cannot ensure a timely support response for any request initiated outside these channels.

Service Description

Software Build

LAITS provides Microsoft Windows and macOS software builds for AV-installed computers. The specific version of the Operating System will be determined by LAITS based on supportability.

LAITS provides a standard software build for AV computers. The Client may change or amend the software build applied to their computers upon onboarding, or during the summer. LAITS must be notified of any desired changes no later than July 15th to ensure adequate time to complete upgrades.

Any necessary major version updates for software, operating systems, or applications outside of standard patching will occur during the intersession between fall and spring semesters (winter break), and over the summer, prior to the start of fall semester. The specific date(s) for upgrades to be applied over the summer, will be coordinated with the Client.


OS and application security patches will be applied on a rolling basis, no less than once a month, during the spring and fall semesters overnight and on weekends when possible to not affect classes. Security patches deemed critical (such as zero-day exploits) will be patched immediately if the ISO deems the threat severe.

During the following maintenance windows, computers may apply patches and reboot without user notification. These times were selected based on least impact to units. Maintenance Windows outside of these stated periods will be treated as addendums to individual unit SLAs as required.

Maintenance Windows – Windows Computer Labs

  • Weekdays: 12:00 am – 4:00 am, Weekends: 8:00 pm – 4:00 am
  • If a patch is available during this time window, it will be downloaded, applied, and the systems will reboot (if required)

Maintenance Windows – macOS Computer Labs

  • Daily profile deletion runs between 1:00 am – 3:00 am daily
  • Computers are restarted between 5:00 am – 6:00 am daily
  • Thursdays at 8:00 pm – Parlin Hall first floor classrooms and student labs will receive targeted operating system or application updates. Patches will be applied and systems rebooted
  • Fridays before 7:00 am – Technicians will confirm updates have been successfully deployed and are working as intended
  • Saturdays at 8:00 pm – Assuming test updates completed as planned, 50% of LAITS-managed classrooms and student labs updated
  • Sundays at 8:00 pm – remaining 50% of LAITS-managed classrooms and student labs updated


Due to the public and shared nature of student lab computers, they are configured to delete user data and profiles on a regular schedule (typically once a day). As such, users should expect that all user data will be removed from the computers at logoff. To improve performance and because no data is at risk, these computers are not encrypted.

Response and Resolution

End user support, including initial diagnosis and problem identification, is the responsibility of the lab support contact.

Issues escalated by the lab support contact through proper channels, will be responded to within 4 business hours. Identification and resolution of issues can vary significantly, we do not provide a resolution SLA.

A frequent support measure may be to reimage a computer.  This may take several hours, in which the computer will not be available for use.  It is recommended that a spare computer is kept on-hand to ensure full availability in these situations.  LAITS will usually reimage computers overnight, when possible.

Client Responsibilities


Client must designate a student lab contact that is responsible for providing the software image application lists, downloads of software that is not readily available, software license keys, and special configuration requirements. This student lab contact will be responsible for testing and acceptance of the student lab image. Requests for additional software or image modifications must come from the student lab contact—it is the responsibility of department to solicit input from the faculty lab users.

Last Updated: 2023-08-11

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