Summer UT Online Courses Make Learning Accessible

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Summer UT Online Courses Make Learning Accessible

“Future you will thank you”

Every summer, thousands of UT students enroll in UT online courses to make progress toward their degree, and to move ahead in work toward minors and certificates.  “Future you will thank you” has become a tagline seen around campus as registration for summer and fall courses approaches each year.

Last summer, more students enrolled in Dev Studio-supported courses than ever before, due in large part to the expanded course offering, as well as UT special tuition reductions and an expanded selection of $500 courses.

Courses new to the mix in 2022 included GOV 371U Politics and Film and GOV 360F Global Governance, broadening the suite of summer courses counting toward the Government major and minor; PHY 317K General Physics I and PHY 317L General Physics II, geared toward students preparing for medical school; SPN 367C Spanish for Healthcare Professionals  and SPN 367D Business in Hispanic Life/Culture, supporting the Spanish for Medical Professions and Business Spanish certificate programs; SOC 344 Racial and Ethnic Relations, adding the offerings for Sociology majors and minors; and GRG 401C The Natural Environment, a natural science core option.

Check out the lineup for Summer 2023.

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