Moderator: Professor Toyin Falola


This series creates a Pan-Africanist intellectual community drawn all over the world to examine serious and current issues about Africa. The third in the series examines the issues of interactions between the United States and Africa. USA/Africa Dialogue, No. 1 spells out some of the core issues to be pursued.

No. 1: Introduction
No. 2: Framework
No. 3: Religion and Politics
No. 4: Response to Arnold Beichman
No. 5: The role of the US in Africa
No. 6:  Is Blackness a Curse?
No. 7:  Responses, Comments and Questions
No. 8:  Hopelessness
No. 9:  Ali Mazuri's Diagnosis and Prescription
No. 10: Blackness vs Whiteness
No. 11: Blackness is not a curse
No. 12: Irrational Reflexes on Blackeness
No 13: Totalitarian Ontology
No. 14: George Ayittey on Bad leadership
No. 15: An Ambassador's Intervention
No. 16: The Ambassador is Dead Wrong!
No. 17 Chinua Achebe: I want no award
No. 18: Back to Hope
No. 19: University Woes
No. 20: Living Poor, Voting Rich
No. 21: Bangura, The hero that Africa needs
No. 22: Nigeria Matters!
No. 23: Africa and Intellectual demagogues
No. 24: The Aggrey Model
No. 25: Shock and Awe
No. 26: Afro-Pessism At Work
No. 27: Agrrey Is a Living Reality
No. 28: The debate and Issues so far
No. 30: A response to Shock and Awe
No. 31: America Republicanized
No. 32: America for Americans
No.33 : Nasty Sex
No 34: Okome on the Dividends of Democracy in Nigeria
No. 35: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim
No. 36: Tony Hopkins on Iraq
No. 37: Fundamentalism and Politics
No. 38: Fast forwarding Aggrey
No. 39: The Return of African Exiles
No. 40: Response to Zeleza
No. 41: Response to Odhiambo's
No. 42: Response to Mamdani's
No. 44: Response to Onwudiwe's
No. 45: Do scholars count?
No 46: Optimism with Caution
No. 47: Go back home!
No. 48: How we destroy Africa....with style!
No. 49: The Radical Voice
No. 50: Dangerous home, dangerous radicalism
No. 52 Misleading Paradigm
No. 53: Home, Sweet Home!
No. 54: Politics of the Belly
No. 55: Another Jewish Paradigm
No. 56: Migrant Intellectuals and the homeland
No. 57: Before you go home
No. 58: Response to Adesanmi's
No. 59: Fundamentalism and Politics: A Major rejoinder
No. 60: An immediate response to Kalu's
No. 61: Home return: Curse or Blessing?
No. 62: Homecoming Palaver
No. 63: Home coming is optional
No. 64: Correcting the Correctors!
No. 65: Azikiwe's Ghost
No. 66: Homecoming as a Collective Struggle
No. 67: Things Fall Apart
No. 68: Homecoming Reflections
No. 69: Selfishness and Homecoming
No. 70: Is Corruption An African?
No. 71: Homecoming Revenges
No. 72: Question for the Wiseones
No. 73: Toast to the African Maroons
No. 74: Globalized Corruption
No. 75: A Deal with the Devil?
, No. 76: Corruption's Universe
No. 77: Corruption and Its Cousins
No.78: Arabs and Africans
No.79: African Christianity
No. 80: Culture and Development
No. 81: Homegoing and Migrants
No. 82: Technological Transfer
No. 83: Homegoing Success Story
No. 84: The Imperative of Technology
No. 85: Homegoing Homework
No. 86: Homegoing: Cost Reduction Strategies
No. 87: Home Grown Technologies
No. 88: Elusive Technology
No. 89: Homecoming: Government Talks Back
No. 90: Neocolonialism
No. 91: Technology Matters
No. 92: AIDS
No. 93: Appropriate Technology
No. 94: A book on Pentecostalism
No. 95: The federation option
No. 96: African Christianity
No. 97: George Ayittey's Moment of Fame
No. 98: The Southeast Asian Mirror
No. 99: Shady Politicians
No. 100: Is integration possible?
No. 101: Solution 101
No. 102: South East Asian Connections
No. 103: Violence and Wars
No. 104: Banish Ayittey!
No. 105: Ayittey speaks the truth!
No. 106: Ayittey is truthful
No. 107: Ayittey is Afro-pessimistic
No. 108: Ayittey is Ayittey!
No. 109: Dissect Ayittey!
No. 110: Ayittey's weakness
No. 111: Leave Ayittey alone!
No. 112: Citation Galore?
No. 113: Etukism
No. 114: Broadening the Issues
No. 115: Academic Sadism
No. 116: Solutions 102
No. 117: Ayittey And His Supporters
No. 118: Ayittey's response
No. 119: Colonialism
No. 120: A weak Response?
No. 121: Misguided Remark
No. 122: Externalities and Conditionalities
No. 123: Solutions 103
No. 124: Toast and Roast
No. 125: Colonialism as a ghost
No, 126: Academic Gamesmanship
No. 127: In the lighter vein
No. 128: Solution 104
No. 129: Migrant Intellectuals
No. 130: Kofi Anan's Head
No. 131: Ghana's recent election
No. 132: Ghana's Elections 11
No. 133: Ghana's Elections 111
No. 134: An Ibori Center?
No. 135: Romantic Africa
No. 136: Ghana's Elections, IV
No. 137: Africa's Second Liberation
No. 138: Moses vs George
No. 139: Nigeria's Failure
No. 140: Moses vs George 11
No. 141: Solutions 105
No 142: Solution 106
No. 143: The Maybach
No. 144: Diasporic Cronyism
No. 145: George vs Moses, 111
No. 146: Enjoy your car!
No. 147: Impeach the president
No. 148: Ghana's election, V
No. 149: Moses vs George, IV
No. 150: Arrest the poor!
No. 151: An Illegal Regime
No. 152: Killing Africans?
No. 153: George vs Moses, V
No. 154: U.S. Military Assistance for Africa
No. 155: George vs Moses, VI
No. 156: Nigerian Deportees
No. 157: Jesus and Trees
No. 158: The Play-boy President
No. 159: The President's Palace
No. 160: A comment on solutions
No. 161: Dempere vs Idahose, I
No. 162: Killing Africans, II
No. 163: Best universities
No. 164: The Exaggeration of AIDS
No. 165: Clueless Dompere
No. 166: Suppressing the truth?
No. 167: The Manipulation of AIDS
No. 168: Easy Motion!
No. 169: Solution 107: National Volunteer Service
No. 170: Solution 108: AIDS Donations
No. 171: Solution 109: AIDS FOUNDATION
No. 172: George vs Moses VII
No. 174: Q & A on AIDS
No. 176: AIDS & Nevirapine
No. 177: Merry Christmas!
No.178: Q & A on AIDS, II
No. 179: Nkrumah and the CIA
No. 182: Democracy II
No. 183: Democracy III
No. 184: Democracy IV
No. 185: Democracy V
No. 186: AIDS: Q & A
No. 187: Aids research in Africa
No. 188: Darfur
No. 189: George vs Moses , VIII
No. 190: Democracy VI
No. 191: Democracy VII
No. 192: AIDS Q&A III
No 193: Democracy VIII
No. 194: George vs Moses IX
No. 195: Nkrumah and the CIA III
No. 197: Nkrumah and the CIA IV
No. 198: George vs Moses X
No. 199: Democracy IX
No. 200: Happy New Year!
No. 201: Knowledge Shortage
No. 202: Funding Education
No. 203: Corruption in Nigeria
No. 204: AIDS Q & A IV
No. 205: AIDS Q & A V
No. 206: Corruption in Nigeria II
No. 207: A woman's worth
No. 208: Tsunami and Imperialism
No. 209: Nigerian Corruption III
No. 210: George vs Moses XI
No. 212: Accountability in African politics
No. 213: AIDS/NAIDS Politics and Poverty
No. 214: Democracy X
No. 215: Accountability in African Politics II
No. 216: Boastful Ibori
No. 217: Accountability in African Politics III
No. 218: "Brain Drain" or "Brain Circulation?"
No. 219: A woman's worth II
No. 220: Kofi Annan's troubles
No. 221: Brain Drain or Brain Circulation II
No. 221a: Oil and Terrorism
No.222: A woman's Worth, No. 3
No. 224: Democracy XI
No. 225: Kofi Annan makes changes
No. 226: The Deadly Dust
No. 228: Indigenous Values I
No. 230: Indigenous Values II
No. 231 Professorial shock!
No. 232: Ayittey on Indigenous Values, Part 1
No. 233: AIDS: Mandela's son
No. 234: President Mbeki On the Role of Scholars
No. 235: British Chancellor Brown's speech
No. 235B: USA/Africa Dialogue: Chancellor Brown's full speech
No. 236 : What Killed Mandela's Son?
No. 237: President Mbeki and AIDS
No. 238: Democracy XII
No 239: Democracy XIII
No 240: Democracy XIV
No. 241: How Academia Failed the Nation
No. 242: Where is the Islamic Solidarity?
No. 244: George vs Moses XII
No. 245: George vs Moses XIII
No. 247: George vs Moses XV
No. 248: George vs Moses XVI
No. 249: Nasty Tone
No. 251: Responding to Sandra Barnes
No. 252: George vs Moses XV!
No. 253: George vs Moses XVII
No. 254: George vs Moses XVIII
No. 255: Liberia's Forest of Peace
No. 256: Bangura on Sandra Barnes
No. 257: George vs Moses XIX
No. 258: Acrobatic of the AIDS debate I
No. 259: Acrobatic of the AIDS Debate II
No. 260: Bombshell is Bombed!
No.264 Wole Soyinka on Nigeria
No. 265: Jeyifo on Wole Soyinka at 70
No. 265a: Ibori Cenrer: An Invitation
No. 267: Dear sirs
No.268: A woman's worth, IV
No. 270: Ibori What?
No. 271 George-Moses Aftermath I
No. 272 George-Moses Aftermath II
No. 273: George-Moses Aftermath III
No. 274: George-Moses Aftermath IV
No. 275: Fake pledges?
No. 277: Equatorial Guinea and Thatcher's plot
No. 282: Between Western Democracy and the Deep Red Sea
No. 283: Brown in Africa I
No. 284: What killed Mandela's son? II
No. 285: Lawrennce Summers on Women
No. 286: Lawrence Summer's World
No. 287: What killed Mandela's son? III
No. 288: Ghana's Political Cynicism I
No. 289: Violence on Nigerian Campuses
No. 290: Brown in Africa 2
No. 291: Brown in Africa 3
No. 292: Ghana's Political Cynicism 2
No. 293: Where is the King's Dream?
No. 294: Commission for African Consultation 1
No. 295: Commission for African Consultation 2
No. 296: Fighting Global Poverty
No. 297: Immigrant Voices
No. 298: JP Morgan admits US slavery links
No.300: Leadership and Global Capitalism
No.301: Eric Hobsbawm On The dangers of exporting democracy
No.302: Leadership and Self-Determination
No.303: Leadership and Its Morality
No.304: A Proposal to End Poverty
No.305: The illusion of Poverty Eradication
No.306: The Challenge of Poverty Eradication
No.307: The Possibility of Poverty Eradication
No. 311: Six Conditions for Africa's Improvement
No.312: The TSUNAMI'S politics of relief
No.313: Africa and Narratives of Change
No.314: Globalization and Higher Education
No.317: Lagos in London
No.318: EU restores ties with Sudan
No.319: Africa Policy Outlook 2005
No.320: Less aid for Africa
No.321: African politics within the UK
No.322: Beyond the Ballot: Widening African Reform
No.324: African health workers in the UK
No.325: Tsunami's impact on Africa
No.326: World Social Forum
No.328: Nigeria's Opposing National Conferences
No.329: Women's Rights
No.330: 'Collapse': How the World Ends
No.331: "Collapse": Another Review
No.332: Nigerian National Conference 2
No.333: An Update on Corporate Slavery
No.334: Slavery: Reparations, not apologies
No.335: Reparation money for rogues?
No.336: Reparations to whom?
No.337: Reparations to whom? African Union Summit 2005, 1
No.338: African Union Summit 2005, 2
No.339: African Union Summit 2005, 3
No.340: African Union Summit 2005, 4
No.341: The possibility of reparations
No.342: The Mother of all Conferences?
No.343: Open Debate at US Colleges
No.344: Nigeria begs for money
No.345: Africa Union Summit 2005, 5
No.346: Genocide in Darfur?
No.347: Africa and the West
No.348: Enemies, demons and dignity
No.349: Social attire
No. 350: Genocide in Sudan
No. 351: Egypt and Security Council
No. 352: There is no tomorrow?
No. 353: The King is not dead!
No. 354:President Eyadema is dead
No. 355: Togo's unfolding crisis
No. 356: Averting a Water War between Ethiopia and Egypt
No. 357: Kenya's constitutional crisis?
No. 358: Nigeria is rich enough
No. 359: Recovering looted funds
No. 360: Africa and the Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council
No. 361: Remembering Ossie Davis
No. 362: Torture in a democracy?
No. 363: Togo: son to rule till 2008
No. 364: Miseducation of Blacks
No 365: Annan on Togo
No 366: Togo: Arrest and Detention
No 367: Tony Blair's letter on poverty
No 368: Kenya-- Anti-graft czar resigns
No 369: Kenya--Protest
No 370: Kenya--Protest Togo: Government is illegal
No 371: An agenda for the National Conference
No 372: Burden of Africa's borders
No 372a: Hakeem Olajuwon and terrorism?
No 373: Curing HIV/AIDS
No 373a: Asylum Seekers
No 374 UN: Theft and Management Charge
No 375: Fraud and corruption
No 376: Eyadema toujours!
No 377: Togo: new leader rejected
No 378: Togo turns away Nigerian flight
No 379: Where is the $8 billion?
No 380: Worsening corruption
No 381: Attack Togo
No 382: Mbeki addresses the Nation
No 383: Academy funds
No 384: AIDS and Condoms
No 385: 10 false claims on demorcacy
No 386: Sovereign National Conference and Restructuring
No 387: Born to be a slave in Niger
No 388: The UN Peacekeeping forces and sex-ploitation in Africa
No 389: The Pledge Road Show
No 390: Togo: Nigeria blows hot air
No 391: KENYA's non-corruption
No 392: Transvestite
No 393: Update on Africa's Debt
No 394: Hope in Togo?
No 395: Misreading Africa
No 396: Oral Traditions
No 397: Sudan
No 398: Global Intelligence Challenges
No 399: Debt forgiveness
No 400: The Individual and Organisation
No 401: Corruption in Kenya
No 402: Body armour for sale in Nigeria
No 403: Nelson Mandela Institute
No 404: N Lawrence H. Summers and women
No 405: Mandela Institute 2
No 406: Togo update
No 407: Analyzing Togo
No 408: Mandela Institute 3
No 409: Satanic Rites
No 410: Globalization works!
No 411: Mandela & this Dialogue
No 412: Mandela Institute 5
No 413: A missionary model
No 414: Botswana's Wealth
No 415: Trip to Nigeria
No 416: Nigerian National Conference: Membership
No 417: Mandela Institute 6
No 418: Catholic Church Representation and Popular Imagination
No 419: Gratitude to Agbali
No 420: Bad academic journal
No 421: Mandela Institure 7
No 422: Adoption of theft?
No 423: URGENT: Arrest of professors in Botswana
No 424: New African Immigrants in the US
No 425: Botswans: show us the essay
No 426: Updates on the Nigerian Confab 1
No 427: King of Oyotunji is dead
No 428: The End of an Empire
No 429: Mandela Institute 7
No 430: Jacques Chirac and Mbeki
No 431: Ward Churchill of Colorado: "What did I really say?"
No 432: Fictions: Why Nigerians don't read them
No 433: Murdering of hope
No 433a: Togo's interim leader steps down
No 434: Update on Botswana's Lecturer
No 435: Africa Film Festival
No 436: Nigerian Conference Library
No 437: Empowering Women
No 438: Ward Churchill
No 439: Ward Churchill's Transgressions
No 440: Black Man's Burden
No 441: Nigeria Various
No 442: Zimbabwe to free 'mercenaries
No 443: African filmmakers hailed by US star
No 444: Wole Soyinka "...A DIATRIBE"
No 445: Blair's Plan for Africa
No 446: Blair's Plan for Africa Bribery: One Incident, One Assault No 447: Africanisms in the Americas
No 448: U.N.: AIDS May Kill 80M Africans by 2025
No 449: Top Film Prize
No 450: Blair's Plan for Africa 2
No 451: A New Nigeria?
No 452: Brain Drain to Brain Gain
No 453: Rape in East Congo
No 454: Death of Languages
No 455: Leadership
No 456: Nigerian Conference Library
No 457: Toxic Waste in Somalia
No 458: Botswana: Deportation of Professor Kenneth Good
No 459: Botswana: Deportation of Professor Kenneth Good
No 460: Botswana: What Good Said
No 461: Botswana: Govt's Response
No 462: Pretoria to Tshwane
No 463: Kenyatta the Communist?
No 464: Botswana, A reply to the Govt
No 465: Fidel Castro and History
No 466: The Last Of The Utopian Projects
No 467: Professor Good: Botswana Government Misfires
No 468: Migration, Identity and The Politics of African Intellectuals in the North
No 469: Africa and China
No 470: Greater Tsunamis
No 471: Ancient Egypt, Recent Politics
No 473: Time to help, not hinder
No 474: Rebuilding Africa
No 475: Republic of Botswana: OP Press Circular no. 9 of 2005 (i)
No 476: Malawi: Evil Spirit in the Presidential Mansion
No 477: Wangari Maathai and Amy Goodman
No 478: Africa's bid for UN seat gets a boost
No 480: Nigerian Conference Library
No 481: Black Male Failure
No 483: Appreciation
No 484:Blair Plan
No 488: Malaria
No 489: Commission for Africa, 1
No 490: Egypt Without Mubarak
No 491: Summers' "No confidence" Vote
No 492: A Useless Report?
No 493: Commission for Africa, 2, Objectives and Preamble
No 494: Nigerian Conference Library
No 495: Of Budgets and Corruption
No 496: Do Africans Read?
No 497: Civil Society Engagement
No 498: Cameroon in danger?
No 499: Cameroon in danger? An Alternative Commission for Africa
No 500: Wolfowitz Picked for World Bank
No 501: Why Africans Don't Read
No 502: Africa to sell electricity
No 503: Slavery's Legacy
No 504: Subsidies and Third World Nations
No 505: Publish or Perish?
No 505a: Botswana's Weekly Report
No 507: Côte d'Ivoire: Mounting Tension
No 508: Annan Drafts Changes for U.N.
No 509: The Afrian book Industry
No 511: Why we Publish
No 512: What we read, what we write
No 513: Relevant research
No 514: The 2005 Commonwealth Lecture
No 515: Jeffery Sachs, "The End of Poverty
No 516:Nigerian Conference Library
No 517: Universities without Books?
No 518: U Money Rejected
No 519: Nigeria sacks education minister
USA/Africa Dialogue, No 520: Nigeria's ROGUES GALLERY
USA/Africa Dialogue, No 521: African students get web link to MIT labs
No 522: Nigeria's Senate President Resigns
No 523: Is Nigeria ripe for a revolution?
No 523a: U.S. to ban corrupt Nigerian officials No 524: Ayittey, The Modus Operandi of the Gangster Regime
No 525: Obasanjo's speech
No 526: Nigerian Corruption Saga
No 527: Report on Nigeria's Corruption Scandal
No 528: Why Africa is Behind
No 529: Fighting the Tyrants and Gangsters
No 531: The gains of Africa's poverty
No 532: Nigerian Corruption Saga
No 533: The politics of a music star
No 534: The Day of the Long Knives
No 535: What Blacks Buy
No 536: Nigerian Corruption Library
No 537: Nigerian Rotimi Williams is dead
No 538: Rotimi Williams' end
No 539: Nujoma to Pohamba
No 540: The African Cheetah
No 541: A Malaria Success
No 543: Obasanjo's hypocrisy
No 544: Obasanjo's idea of a war
No 545: Kofi Annan's World
No 546: Zimbabwe: People's Power
No 547: Zimbabwe's Elections
No 549: AIDS Zimbabwe Elections
No 550: Transparency In Nigeria: Press Release
No 551: The Next Pope
No 552: Mugabe wins again
No 553: M Pope John Paul: The end of an era
No 554: Nigerian National Conference
No 555: In honor of the Pope
No 556: Togo's Elections
No 557: His Holiness John Paul II, A Short Biography
No 558: Pope: A Place in History
No 559: Sudan: War Crimes
No 560: Botswana: Office of the President (2/4/05)
No 561: Contemplating A "Black"; "African" Pope
No 562: Life-time career award for Dr. Segun Fayemi
No 563: The Nigerian Criminal Gang
No 564: Professor (Ms) Kay Williams: An Obituary
No 565: Pope: A Personal contact
No 566: New Source of Energy?
No 567: Three Faces of War: Sudan, Ivrory Coast and Congo
No 568: Ghana and Malaysia: Two countries' contrasting tales
No 569: Pulitzer for a Nigerian
No 570: The African Union
No 571 Papal Funeral: Text of homily
No 572: Pope's Last Will and Testament
No 573: Great Founding Fathers
No 574: Opposition Politics, Togo and Zimbabwe
No 575: Africa in US Media
No 576: Africa in the Media
No 576: Botswana's Weekly Briefings
No 578: Africa in the Media
No 579: Former Afrian Presidents
No 580: African Presidential Roundtable
No 581: In Memoriam: Yvonne Vera
No 582: Professor Kay Williamson: An Obituary
No 583: Outsourcing to Africa?
No 584: Brazil and Nigeria Cooperation?
No 585: Oil Windfall?
No 586: Is an African Pope Possible?
No 587: Digging Dust
No 588: Mbeki, Goal of Higher Education
No 589: Assistance for Sudan
No 590: A Press Release: Obasanjo
No 591: Kofi Annan Pleads for Sudan
No 591a: Poverty Elimination
No 592: Teaching and Research
No 593: Is Obasanjo sincere?
No 594: The 45 Charges
No 594a: Making Sense of the 45 Charges
No 595: The Pan African Agenda
No 596: Mercenaries Fuel West African Wars
No 597: Questions for Wangari Mathai
No 598: NEPAD and Prospects for Development
No 599: Migrants, Marriages and Divorce
No 600: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce
No 601 Migrants, Marriage and Divorce III
No 602: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce IV
No 603: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce V
No 604: Botswana: Weekly Report
No 605: French Imperialism In Disguise
No 606: Who Owns Kenya?
No 607: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce VI
No 608: Nigerian as a Pope?
No 609: Nigerian as a Pope II
No 610: The Future of Black Studies
No 611: Rich and Poor Nations
No 612: Rowan Williams Speaks Again
No 613: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce VII
No 614: Sudanese Slavery
No 615: Reordering Nigeria: Press Release
No 616: The Blacks of India
No 617: Economic Growth in Africa
No 618: Harvard and Race
No 619: OBJ the President
No 620: The Politics of Outsourcing
No 621: Why Kenyans Leave Their Country
No 622: An African Pope: the end of a dream
No 623: How not to criticize OBJ
No 624: Onyeani Says Criticism Without Merit
No 625: The Pope and the Post-colonial elite
No 626: Of Pope and Problems
No 627: Any good Pope?
No 628: Short words on the Pope
No 629: Pope What?
No 630: A Pope without accent
No 631: Pope and Race Matters
No 632: Pope and Political Economy
No 633: Pope and Europe
No 634: Democracy's Path
No 635: Why Cardinal Arinze lost
No 636: Update on Togo's Elections
No 637: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce VII
No 638: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce VIII
No 639: Migrants, Marriage and Divorce IX
No 640: Africa's Migration Policy
No 641: A Fragile Success in Africa
No 642: Hollywood and Africa
No 643: Badmouthing Black Studies
No 644: Botswana Weekly Report
No 645: Togo's Elections
No 646: Back to corruption in Nigeria
No 647: Environmental Management In Ghana
No 648: Chaos in Togo
No 649: Welcoming POPE BENEDICT XVI
No 650: Togo's Problem
No 655: The Pope and "dictatorship of relativism
No 656: Pope and Genocide
No. 657: A Troubled Diaspora?
No. 658: Botswana's Weekly Briefing
No. 659: The Africa You Never See
No. 660: Petition on Darfur
No 661: A troubled Diaspora II
No 662: A troubled diaspora III
No 662b: A troubled diaspora IV
No 663: A troubled diaspora IV
No 664: A troubled diaspora V
No 665: A troubled diaspora VII
No 666: A troubled diaspora VIIb Obasanjo meets Bush
No 667: A troubled diaspora VIII
No 668: A troubled diaspora IX
No 669: Brain Drain
No 670: The Russian Connection II
No 671: Somalia: Fragile Peace
No 672: First Lady Power
No 673: Bottom Power
No 674: Bottom Power in Nigeria
No 675: Femocracy
No 676: First Ladies as Victims
No 677: Water Wars
No 678: Women's Health
No 679: Botswana's Weekly Report
No 680: Lady Lucy of Kenya
No 681: What is wrong with Africa?
No 682: The Agony of Zimbabwe
No 683: Obasanjo's Game?
No 684: Ethiopian Elections
No 685: Africa Relief Crises
No 686: Zimbabwe
No 688: First Ladies and Power
No 689: Obasanjo and Impeachment 1
No 690: Tantrums of First ladies
No 691: Marginalizing Nigerian Muslims?
No 692: Africans and World War 11
No 693: Muslims and Christians Have Ruined Nigeria
No 694: Who is Marginalizing Nigerian Muslims?
No 695: Pope: Europe corrupts Africa
No 696: Botswana's Weekly Brief
No 697: Obasanjo Presidential Library
No 698: The Okigbo Panel Report Revealed
No 699: Fired by Yale
No 700: Tenure at Yale
No 701: Obasanjo's Presidential Library II
No 702: Tenure
No 703: The Mysterious Constitution
No 704: Ethiopia's Federal Elections
No 705: The Complexity of Christianity
No 706: Yale and Graber
No 707: Politics of tenure
No 708: Consolidated News Items, May 17
No 709: Reforming Nigeria
No 710: Gadhafi to the rescue?
No 711: Corruption in Nigeria
No 712: The naira, the US dollar, oil and the Nigerian economy
No 714: Vincent Fox and apology
No 715: The Failure of Privatization
No 716: Botswana Weekly Report
No 717: Private Airport in West Africa
No 718: Christianity and Traditional Religions
No 719: Bill Moyers and the American Media
No 720: Newsweek and Islam
No 721: Too poor for help
No 722: Celebrating Walter Rodney
No 723: Obasanjo's Presidential Library
No 724: External Reserves
No 725: Charles Taylor's Dilemma
No 726: Taylor's Aftermath
No 727: "Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa"
No 728: Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa Report
No 729: Mis-Mapping Africa?
No 730: Criminal Taylor
No 731: Muslim-Dalit Relations
No 732: Afro-Germans Protest African Village in the ZOO
No 733: Africa Liberation Day
No 734: Celebration of Africa Liberation Dayr
No 735: African Priests in the US
No 736: Exhibitions of Exotic Peoples
No 737: African Priests in the US II
No 738: Botswana Weekly News
No 739: The New Cold War
No 740: Democracy Day
No 741: Globalization and Health
No 742: Miracle Cure to Hunger?
No 744: Shady oil deals?
No 745: Wolfowitz Pledges to Change Africa
No 746: Questions for World Bank Chief
No 747: Only Africans can help Africans
No 748: More Questions for World Bank Chief
No 749: The World Bank is Irrelevant
No 750: Defending Nigeria
No 751: Various on Debts
No 753: Terror campaign in Zimbabwe?
No 754: Protest against Display of Africans in a German Zoo
No 755: Dalit Feminism
No 756: Crumbs for Africa
No 757: A Plea to Mr. Bush
No 758: The Book Industry
No 759: African Studies in Philadelphia
No 760: Aid concerts
No 761: The Age Of Millionaires
No 762: Ezekoye on the Age of Millionaires
No 763: African Statesmen Initiative
No 764: The G8 Summit
No 765: Bank and Power
No 766: G8 and Africa's Debt
No 767: A comment on the Bamako Declaration
No 768: Beautiful Ghana
No 769: Botswana's Weekly Report
No 770: Playback Theater
No 771: West Africa and the Security Council
No 772: Survival Strategies for Academic Publishing
No 773 Ayittey, Smart Aids For AFrica
No 774: The G-8 Debt Reduction Initiative
No 775: AID and Debt
No 776: Ibrahim Gambari
No 777: Politics of the American report
No 778: Africa and the UN
No 779: South Africa's deputy president Zuma sacked
No 780: G8: An Extortion Racket
No 781: G8: Ayittey on Ochonu's
No 782: G8: Kissi Edward on Ayittey's
No 783: Annan says he will not resign from UN
No 784: Ward Churchill: "Favorite Professor"?
No 785: Socially Conscious Theatre
No 786: Mubarak's New Scheme
No 787 Ritual Murder
No 788: Car or Corn?
No 789: The Ethiopian Dictator
No 790: Ugandan appointed as New Archbishop of York
No 791: Ritual Murder And Barbaric Migrants
No 793: Misrepresenting Blackness
No 794: The Reality of Ritual Murders
No 795: Africa is hard at business
No 796: Celebrating Blackness
No 797: Botswana's Weekly Report
No 798: Badmouthing the Black Race
No 799: Exposing Ritual Murders
No. 800: More Trouble for Zuma
No. 801: Putin and Cannibalism
No. 802: African Peer Review System
No. 803: Putin's hatred for Africa?
No. 804: Russian Cannibalism
No. 805: An Education Mess
No. 806 Professor Martin Lynn: An Obituary
No. 807: South Africa's New Deputy
No. 808: Obituary: Dr. Hamilton Naki
No. 809: Walter Rodney
No. 810: Intellectually Bankrupt?
No. 811: Prebendal Presentation
No. 812: Sharing the National Cake
No. 813: Zimbabwe: A Protest Movement
No. 814: Britain: Imperial Nostalgia
No. 815: The "Colonialism-Imperialism" Paradigm Is Kaput
No. 816: Marketing Freedom?
No. 817: Botswana Weekly Report
No. 818: Reviewing the Commission for Africa
No. 819: Criminal cow
No. 820: Africa and Global Warming
No. 821: Poverty's handmaiden
No. 822: Who Appointed Tony Blair as Africa's Messiah?
No. 824: The shenanigans of U.S. aid claims
No. 825: G8 Issues
No. 826: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 827: Africa Rediscovered
No. 828: Africa at the G8
No. 829: African Renaissance, Reinvention, and Challenges
No. 830: Ransome-Kuti on Nigeria
No. 831: G8 and Shortchanging Africa
No. 832: Crab Mentality?
No. 833: Gadhafi &G8: Stop Begging
No. 834: Debt Relief or Debt Forgiveness?
No. 835: Onyeani's Analytical Misadventure
No. 836: Bush, a Friend of Africa?
No. 837: Agbali vs Onyeani: Preface to a War?
No. 838: Agbali v. Onyeani: A War Without A Winner!
No. 839: Agbali vs Onyeani: A War of Words
No. 840: Agbali vs Onyeani: Words of Caution
No. 841: Agbali vs Onyeani: Pen and Sorrow
No. 842: Agbali vs Onyeani: A Plea

No. 843: Agbali vs Onyeani: Time to stop!
No. 844: Agbali vs Onyeani: War is Over
No. 845: Agbali vs Onyeani: A New Friendship
No. 846: Is Africa Poor?
No. 847: Smart Aid for Africa
No. 848: Homegrown Leadership
No. 849: Rethinking Africa
No. 850: Nigerian Politics
No. 851: Creating Africa
No. 852: A new leadership culture
No. 853: Poor Africa
No. 854: African Immigrants
No. 855: Femi-Kuti's Ideas
No. 856: So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go?
No. 857: Globalising without Africanising
No. 858: White Mexican Racism
No. 859: Positive colonialism?
No. 860: Love Africa
No. 861: Corruption and Debt Reduction
No. 862: Zimbabwe: The Clean-Up Mess?
No. 863:Nigeria's Luck?
No. 864: Arab's racism
No. 865: Cows and Us
No. 866: Bondage of debt
No. 867: G8 meeting
No. 868: G8 and Corporate Interest
No. 869: Terrorism
No. 870: Graduate Unemployment
No. 871: The Optimism of Uncertainty
No. 872: Corruption is not the Issue
No. 873: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 874: G8 is 'a beginning' for Africa
No. 875: Probe of researchers
No. 877: Nigeria: Impasse on the Revenue Allocation Debate
No. 878: Nigeria: Resource Control
No. 880: Shrugging at G-8 Largess
No. 881: Live 8 Concert wrong way for Africa
No. 883: Obasanjo on Babangida
No. 884: Mother Banana
No. 885: Corruption and debt
No. 886: Foreign Language Education
No. 887: An Expanding War?
No. 888: Big Man's Disease?
No. 889: G8 & Debt Matters
No. 890: Nigerian National Conference Archives
No. 891: Sudan's future
No. 892: Terrorism and Africans
No. 893: Nigerian National Conference Archives
No. 894: Arabs and Africans
No. 895: Half-Black/Half-Palestinian Baby Denied
No. 896: Oprah and Hermes
No. 897: All Rock, No Action
No. 898: Arab Genocide, Arab Silence
No. 899: Oprah: For and Against
No. 900: Arab's race denial
No. 901: Selling Sex
No. 902: Oprah: Against than For
No. 903: Transparent Arab Racism?
No. 904: Civil Society and Social Change in Nigeria
No. 906: Mandela at 87
No. 907: Money and Motives
No. 908: Race relations
No. 909: African Migration Trends
No. 910: Education and Political Posturing
No. 911: Musoveni's Ugnada
No. 912: Jerry Rawlings on the G8
No. 913: Selling Sex: Cameroon's Style
No. 914: Responding to Jerry Rawlings
No. 915: Harik vs Ochonu on Arab Racism
No. 916: Racism in Australia
No. 917: Harik vs Ochonu on Arab Racism, 11
No. 917b: Harik vs Ochonu on Arab Racism, 111
No. 918: Racism: The Australian Connections
No. 919: Racism: The Australian Connections 11
No. 920: Prostitutes Wanted
No. 921: Jerry Rawlings is Great
No. 922: Racism: Two Comments
No. 923: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 924: Anything for food
No. 925: Jerry Rawlings' Era
No. 926: In Praise of Jerry Rawlings
No. 927: Jerry Rawlings: Great and Small
No. 928: Jerry Rawlings: No Forgiveness
No. 929: Akurang-Parry's Depiction of Jerry Rawlings
No. 930: Book Shipment to Sierra Leone
No. 931: Bo Jerry Rawlings, the demagogue
No. 932: Jerryl Rawlings: Life and Times
No. 933: How to assess Jerry Rawlings
No. 934: Judging Jerry Rawlings
No. 935: Assensoh and Jerry Rawlings
No. 935b: A ssensoh and Jerry Rawlings, II
No. 936: Assensoh and Jerry Rawlings, IV
No. 937: Ghanaian Selfishness on the Rawlings' Debate
No. 938: Texans angry with The Redeemed Church
No. 939: Ghanaian Selfishness on the Rawlings' Debate II
No. 940: Obituary: Professor Lamin Mbye
No. 941: Michael Imoudu Is Dead
No. 942: Help Us To Help Ourselves
No. 943: George Ayittey on the G8
No. 944: On Mugabe and Obasanjo
No. 945: Woes of an African Traveller
No. 946: Oil and ethnicity
No. 947: African Elite: Intellectual Bankruptcy
No. 948: The African Elite, II
No. 949: The African Elite, III
No. 950: How the world works
No. 951: Nigeria: Sharia Law in Kano
No. 952: Wole Soyinka on Nelson Mandela
No. 953: African Elite, IV
No. 954: The Niger Food Crisis
No. 954b: Sharia: Two Views
No. 955: Kenyan Minister Barred from Travelling to UK
No. 956: Police Torture and Death in NigeriaNo. 956: Police Torture and Death in Nigeria
No. 957: Kenyan Minister and Colonial Mentality
No. 958: Kenyan Minister and the Morality of Corruption
No. 959: African And Famine
No. 960: A Kenyan Minister and British Duplicity
No. 961: Kenyan Minister and a Culture of Grabbing
No. 962: Famine in Niger
No. 963: Ousmane Sembene Honored
No. 964: Police Torture and Deaths in Nigeria, 11
No. 965: The African Elite: A Conversation
No. 966: Response to Onyeani's Discussion
No. 967: The Gem of Southern Africa
No. 968: Botswana's Weekly Update
No. 969: Debunking the Concept of 'Race'
No. 970: Al-Qaeda in East Africa?
No. 971: Al-Qaeda in East Africa 11
No. 972: Ghanaians voting abroad
No. 974: FBI in West AfricaA
No. 975: Racists Axe Black Teenager to Death in Liverpool
No. 977: Dr. Annie B. Martin
No. 978: Onyeani on the African Elite
No. 979: Black Christians in Britain
No. 980: U.S. Satellite Found Garang Chopper
No. 981: Garang's Various
No. 982: Mauritania: A Military Coup
No. 983: Garang's Aftermath
No. 984: Karl Marx: the Greatest Philosopher?
No. 985: Coup update: Mauritania
No. 986: Can Africa Stop Coup D'etat?
No. 987: African Elite - Another Conversation
No. 988: Nigeria: Freedom of Information Bill
No. 988b: Servant Leadership, Active Citizenship
No. 989: Violence in Sudan
No. 990: Kenya's constitutional crisis
No. 991: Lost and Found
No. 992: Obituary: John Garang de Mabior (1945-2005)
No. 993: Diamond and "Bushmen"
No. 994: Aiding Niger
No. 995: Desmond Tutu on Niger
No. 996: Obituary: John H. Johnson
No. 997: Botswana Weekly Update
No. 998: Chinese newspaper in Nigeria
No. 999: The Rwanda Review
No. 1000: Debt Pardon as Slavery
No. 1001: Mind your language
No. 1002: Debt and Thieves
No. 1003: Mind your language
No. 1004: Debt Schemes
No. 1006: Wife-Beatings
No. 1007: Academic Mercenaries
No. 1008: A Egypt and Terrorism
No. 1009: Columbia University: Diversity
No. 1010: The Mauritanian Coup
No. 1011: Africa without Mauritania!
No. 1012: Adu Boahen honored
No. 1013: Praising Onyeani's
No. 1014: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1015: Radical Islam in Africa
No. 1016: James Shikwati and Der Spiegel
No. 1018: Food Matters
No. 1019: The decline of social mobility
No. 1020: Water Crisis
No. 1021: Pan-African Movie Channel
No. 1023 Characterizing Blackness
No. 1024: Johnnetta B. Cole, President of Spelman
No. 1025: Technocrats Please, Not "Nkrumahs" or "Mandelas"
No. 1026: A Governor in the making?
No. 1027: The Exploitation of Africa
No. 1028: Money for Guns, Little for Food
No. 1029: 500 Acres African Church in Texas
No. 1030: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1031: The leadership Question
No. 1033: Nigeria Bars Ghana-made Commodities
No. 1034: Judge Cameroon and AIDS
No. 1035: Adu Boahen of Ghana
No. 1036: Women, Islam and Kano
No. 1037: How The G8 Lied To The World On Aid
No. 1038: Slave Mutiny in South Africa, 1766
No. 1039: No. 1039: China in Africa
No. 1040: No. 1040: Thieves in Power:
No. 1041: Professeurs pour la liberté (PPL
No. 1042: NPR on Nigeria: Oil Money Divides Nigeria
No. 1043: The Politics of $12 billion
No. 1044: Aluko and the $12 Billion, 1
No. 1045: Aluko and the $12 Billion, 2
No. 1046: Aluko and the $12 Billion, 3
No. 1047: The US vs The UN
No. 1048: Aluko and the $12 Billion, 4
No. 1049: Aluko and the $12 Billion, 5
No. 1050: US probes Nigeria vice-president Atiku; raids Potomac home
No. 1051: Obituary: Professor Don Ohadike
No. 1052: Tribute to Professor Don Ohadike:
No. 1052b: Memory and the Colonial Order
No. 1053: Aluko and the $12 billion, 6
No. 1054: Anglican court tries bishop in Zimbabwe
No. 1055: Mugabe and China
No. 1056: Press Release: Pact for Free and Fair Elections
No. 1057: Atiku on Democracy
No. 1058: A Note for Vice President Atiku
No. 1059: Atiku's Woes
No. 1060: The Rule of Law
No. 1061: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1062: Academic Mercenaries: A Response
No. 1063: Don Ohadike: In Memoriam (1941-2005)
No. 1064: Aluko and the $12 Billion, 6
No. 1065: The Nightmare scenario for the World Economy
No. 1066: Academic Mercenaries
No. 1067: Nigeria's Summer
No. 1068: Atiku's Various
No. 1069: New Orleans Crisis
No. 1070: Race, Class and the Hurricane
No. 1071: New Orleans Crisis, 2
No. 1072: Katrina's Tragedy
No. 1073: Genocide in New Orleans
No. 1074: Michael Moore to Bush
No. 1075: Sink or Swim
No. 1076: S Botswana's Weekly Record
No. 1077: Sierra Leone Special Court
No. 1078: Professor Don Ohadike is laid to rest.
No. 1079: Some Reflections of The Katrina Tragedy
No. 1080: The Political Wrath of Hurricane Katrina
No. 1081: Th Katrina's donors' list
No. 1082: Hurricane Katrina Shames Black Leaders
No. 1083: New Orleans and Racism
No. 1084: Black leadership and the hurricane
No. 1085: Chronology of the Hurricane
No. 1086: Working for the Common Good
No. 1087: Hurricane Katrina and America's Nudity
No. 1088: Hurricane and Black Leadership
No. 1089: A National Crisis
No. 1090: From Victims to Insurgents
No. 1091: Hurricane Katrina Shames Black Leaders
No. 1092: Refugees or What Name?
No. 1093: Black criminals and welfare parasites
No. 1094: Louisiana Officials Could Lose the Katrina Blame Game
No. 1095: Labelling the victims
No. 1096: Howard University Helps Katrina Victims Get a New Alma Mater
No. 1097: Navy Pilots Who Rescued Victims Are Reprimanded
No. 1098: Don Ohadike the Man: An Elegy
No. 1099: Deportation of Prof. Kenneth Good from Botswana
No. 1100: Hurricane Katrina and Misplaced Indictments
No. 1101: America as a Third World Country
No. 1102: National Geographic, 2004, on New Orleans
No. 1103: The Third-Worldlizing of New Orleans
No. 1104: New Orleans and A Black Dependency Syndrome
No. 1105: Our Perfect Storm
No. 1106: Black Leadership: Questions
No. 1107: Hurricane and the failure of Black Leadership
No. 1108: The chasm between us
No. 1109: Third-Worldlizing New Orleans - Onyeani's Response
No. 1110: Why Do They Hate You?
No. 1111: New Orleans and the Third World
No. 1113: Dr. Onyeani's Postulation: A Logical Application
No. 1114: Volunteerism
No. 1115: The flagging empire?
No. 1116: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1117: UN Convention and Corruption
No. 1118: Onyeani's Various
No. 1119: On New Orleans and Pollution
No. 1121: Katrina is not 9/11
No. 1122: Halliburton's Money?
No. 1123: An Imperfect Storm
No. 1124: Academic Freedom
No. 1125: Was Big Brother Watching?
No. 1126: African success in UK highlighted
No. 1127: General Assembly OKs Compromise Document
No. 1128: John Lonsdale: "How To Study Africa"
No. 1129: Katrina and Africa
No. 1130: Mbeki and Zuma: A temporary truce?
No. 1131: Africa's UN dreams threatened
No. 1132: Limitation of Foreign Assistance
No. 1133: Stealing Dead Bodies
No. 1135: Ghana's "Widow's Mite"
No. 1136: Truth and Justice in New Orleans
No. 1137: Religious Leadership
No. 1138: Is Equiano Fake?
No. 1139: You and the UN
No. 1140: Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath!
No. 1141: Hurricane K"Domed" - The Story of a Grassroots Response to Katrina
No. 1142 : Equiano's saga
No. 1143 : Katrina Shakes Global Faith in U.S.
No. 1144: Exaggerated Statements on Katrina
No. 1145: Further Reflections of the Katrina Tragedy
No. 1146: The defining event of the 20th century
No. 1147: Why black kids fail at school
No. 1148: Foundations Commit $200 Million to Higher Education
No. 1149: The Governor and the Loot
No. 1150: Fighting Malaria
No. 1151:"Tribalism" and Youth
No. 1152:Chavez and Radicalism
No. 1153: Mugabe: 'Let them eat potatoes'
No. 1154: The Governor and His Loot, 2
No. 1155: Race and Equality
No. 1156: Race and Equality, II
No. 1157: Obituary: Professor J. K. Fynn
No. 1158: Cornel West on Katrina and poverty
No. 1159: The Nigerian "Invasion" Of Ghana
No. 1160: Nigeria's electoral challenge
No. 1161: Annan has paid his dues
No. 1162: A Germany: A Vote Against Neoliberalism?
No. 1163: MacArthur "Genius" Award
No. 1164: Reforming Nigeria's Election Tribunals
No. 1165: The Governor and His loot, 3
No. 1166: Iraq, how long to stay?
No. 1167: The Governor and His Loot, 4
No. 1168: The Governor and His Loot, 5
No. 1169: Radio and Democracy
No. 1170: The Governor and His Loot, 6
No. 1171: The Governor and His Loot, 7
No. 1172: Where's the beef?" Where's the state?
No. 1173: The logic of colonial rule
No. 1174: Wealth Distribution
No. 1175: Environment and the Hurricane
No. 1176: Oil and Crisis in Nigeria
No. 1177: The Governor and His Loot, 8
No. 1178: The Governor and His Loot, 9
No. 1179: Fair Trade
No. 1180: Debt Matters
No. 1181: Botswana's Weekly Update
No. 1182: Obituary: Dr Bala Usman
No. 1183: Bala Usman, 2
No. 1184: The Governor and His Loot, 10
No. 1185: Bala Usman: Funeral Dirge
No. 1186: Half of Europe's Citizens Know 2 Languages
No. 1187: The Empire exposed
No. 1188: Useless Disciplines
No. 1189: Useless Disciplines, 2
No. 1190: Useless Disciplines, 3
No. 1191: Useless Disciplines, 4
No. 1192: Remembering Bala Usman
No. 1193: Experimental Drugs tested on Africans
No. 1194:Bala Usman: Politics and Scholarship
No. 1195: Katrina's Myth and Media
No. 1196:The governor and his loot
No. 1197: Suffering African Women
No. 1197b: The Governor and His Loot
No. 1198: Suffering women, 2
No. 1199: Checking a fragile Economy
No. 1200: Useless Disciplines, 5
No. 1201: Fallen Comrades
No. 1202: Leadership Crisis
No. 1203: Useless Disciplines, 6
No. 1204: EU Immigration Woes
No. 1205: Hissène Habré
No. 1207: Abortion and Crime Rate Reduction
No. 1208: Useless Disciplines, 7
No. 1209: Nigeria's Independence speech
No. 1210: Useless Disciplines, 8
No. 1211: Abortion and Crime Reduction, 2
No. 1212: Useless Disciplines, 9
No. 1213: Useless Disciplines, 10
No. 1214: Kenya: A failed State?
No. 1215: Useless Disciplines, 11
No. 1215b: Useless Disciplines, 12
No. 1216: The Governor and His Loot, 13
No. 1217: Useless Disciplines, 13
No. 1218: Killing to Steal
No. 1219: Killing to Steal Imaginary World Leaders
No. 1220: Useless Disciplines, 14
No. 1221: The Governor and His Loot, 14
No. 1221b: Obituary: August Wilson
No. 1222: Africa's Stolen Wealth
No. 1223: Liberian poll: The main contenders/a>
No. 1224: The Governor and His Loot, 15
No. 1225: Virginity and AIDS in Uganda
No. 1226: Bala Usman and Obasanjo
No. 1227: A Rebuttal to Dr. Stephen Ellis
No. 1227b: Abortion and and Crime Reduction, 3
No. 1228: Abortion and and Crime Reduction, 4
No. 1229: Onyeani's South African Keynote Address (1)
No. 1230: Onyeani's South African Keynote Address (2)
No. 1231: Earthquake: 3000 Dead in South Asia
No. 1232: Bala Usman, Biko and Oyeani
No. 1233: The Governor and His Loot, 16
No. 1234: Timbuktu Manuscript
No. 1236: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1237: Black America
No. 1238: Cosby on Black America
No. 1239: The Governor and His Loot, 18
No. 1239b: The Governor and His Loot, 17
No. 1240: The Governor and His Loot, 19
No. 1241: Africa's women politicians
No. 1242: Liberia's Elections, 20
No. 1243: China's Control of Tea Trade
No. 1244: Black conservatism
No. 1246: The Governor and His Loot, 20
No. 1249: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1250: Liberian Elections, 3
No. 1251: An Intern in Lagos
No. 1252: Language Czar
No. 1253: Nigeria's Anglican Church breaks away over homosexuality rift
No. 1254: Fighting Malaria
No. 1254b: Nigeria's Anglican Church And Gay Matters, 2
No. 1256: Rebuilding New Orleans' Colleges
No. 1257: Nigeria, Paris Club Close to Final Deal - IMF approves 2-year PSI
No. 1258: Nigeria, Paris Club Close to Final Outsourcing
No. 1258b: Nigeria and Paris Club
No. 1259: Naguib Mahfouz - Nobel Lecture, 1988
No. 1260: France And Colonialism
No. 1261: Bitter Leaf
No. 1262: Racist Emails to the Archbishop
No. 1262b: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1263: Abdul Sheriff's Termination
No. 1264: Aircrash, Lagos
No. 1265: Obituary: Stela Obasanjo
No. 1266: Homosexuality in Africa
No. 1267: Brain Drain
No. 1268: The Truth About Red Cross
No. 1269: Canada's Crimes in Haiti
No. 1270: Two Tragedies
No. 1271: Crash and Death
No. 1272: Rosa Parks died at 92
No. 1273: Death and Responsibility
No. 1274: Black women are sick of marriage
No. 1275: The loss of utopia
No. 1276: DNA Variations
No. 1277: Kickbacks Paid for Iraq's Oil
No. 1278: The arrest of Dr. Akom
No. 1279: Rosa Parks
No. 1280: Don Ohadike+
No. 1281: Don Ohadike++
No. 1282: The arrest of Dr. Akom, 2
No. 1283: Exodus of Doctors
No. 1284: Nigeria and the Paris Club
No. 1284b: Nigeria and the Paris Club
No. 1285: Bono and Geldoff Didn't Save Africa!
No. 1286: Brain Drain Matters
No. 1286b: Madagascar bans a popular church
No. 1287: Debt Woes
No. 1288: Harvard of Africa
No. 1289: Youth Power in Liberia
No. 1290: Botswana's Weekly Report, Oct. 20, 2005
No. 1291: Books, not Bridges
No. 1292: Noam Chomsky
No. 1293: 8 Hours with Stella Obasanjo
No. 1294: 10 Ways You Can Help Africa
No. 1295: Obituary: Ezenwa Ohaeto
No. 1296: Obituary: Dr. Ezenwa Ohaeto 2
No. 1297: Rwanda Genocide
No. 1298: Stella Obasanjo and the Ontology of Burial
No. 1299: Stella Obasanjo and the Ontology of Burial, 2
No. 1300: Romancing Terror and Tragedy
No. 1301: Death and Memory
No. 1302: Debt Relief or Debt Punishment ?
No. 1303: Dillard U. Cuts Half Its Faculty
No. 1304: Funeral Sermon: Stella Obasanjo
No. 1305: Online Access to Any Page
No. 1306: The Latin America Revolt
No. 1307: Immigrant rioting in France
No. 1307b: Sermon on Stella Obasanjo's funeral
No. 1308: Immigrants and US Economic Gain
No. 1309: Speak up!
No. 1310: More riots in France
No. 1311: Reflections on Rosa Parks
No. 1312: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1313: Moam Chomsky 2
No. 1314: Riots in France, 3
No. 1315: Immigration and Wages in the US
No. 1316: Riots in France, 4
No. 1317: Riots in France, 3
No. 1318: Immigration and Wages, 3
No. 1318b: China and Africa's Oil
No. 1319: Liberia's Election Update
No. 1320: Fear of Globalization
No. 1321: The Fear of Globalization, 2
No. 1321b: The Governor and His Loot
No. 1322: 1322: Ken Saro-Wiwa
No. 1322b: A Fake List of Crooks
No. 1323: Whose Plan for New Orleans?
No. 1323b: First Female President in Africa
No. 1324: Ken Wiwa on Ken Saro-Wiwa
No. 1324b: $9 million bribe to see Bush?
No. 1324c: First Female President in Africa, 2
No. 1325: First Female President in Africa, 3
No. 1326: First Female President in Africa, 4
No. 1327: Wole Soyinka's New Memoir
No. 1327b: First Female President in Africa, 5
No. 1328: First Female President in Africa, 6
No. 1329: First Female President in Africa, 7
No. 1330: First Female President in Africa, 8
No. 1331: First Female President in Africa, 9
No. 1331b: Lessons from the Montgomery Bus Boycott
No. 1332: First Female President in Africa, 10
No. 1332b: Paris is Burning
No. 1333: Ken Saro-Wiwa, Ten Years Gone
No. 1334: Riots in France
No. 1335: Burkina Faso's Election
No. 1336: In Memoriam: François Ngolet (1961-2005)
No. 1337: Burkina Faso's Election, 2
No. 1338: Noam Chomsky's Interview
No. 1339: Rosa Parks and Robert Williams
No. 1339b: First Female President in Africa, 10
No. 1340: War of Words in France
No. 1341:France: Assimilate or Die?
No. 1342 :Guardian Apologizes to Chomsky
No. 1343: Wole Soyinka 's Nobel Lecture, December 8, 1986
No. 1344: Gabriel García Márquez's Nobel Lecture, 1982
No. 1344b: Polygamy and Riots
No. 1345: Religiosity and the Roots of Black Conservatism
No. 1346: First Female President in Africa, 11
No. 1347: What use are Black Mayors?
No. 1348: Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson - A Tribute.
No. 1350: Gender Equality
No. 1351: Nigeria governor 'skips UK bail'
No. 1353: Botswana's Weekly Update
No. 1354: As Liberia emerges
No. 1355: How the Governor Escaped
No. 1356: A Model Fight Against Malaria
No. 1357: An Interview with Jean Baudrillard
No. 1358: Of crooks and punishment
No. 1359: Of crooks and laughter
No. 1360: What's Up With France?
No. 1361: The Case Against the Governor
No. 1361b: The Postcolonial Uprising in France
No. 1362: Diawara writes to France
No. 1363: Investment in South Africa
No. 1363b: Onwudiwe's Nigeria
No. 1364: A crook for President
No. 1365: Liberia Update
No. 1366: Johnson-Sirleaf declared Liberian president
No. 1367: The Governor's Speech
No. 1368: Governor's Impeachment?
No. 1369: The Decline of J. J. Rawlings
No. 1370: Governor's Impeachment
No. 1371: The Embattled Governor 1
No. 1372: Governor "Queen" Alamieyeseigha's Escape
No. 1373: The Alami Story
No. 1375: Slavery in New York
No. 1376: The Embattled Governor 2
No. 1377: Nigerian Literature
No. 1378: Gary K. Busch on Nigeria
No. 1379: The Embattled Governor, 3
No. 1380: The Embattled Governor, 4
No. 1381: Deadly Syringes
No. 1382: Mr. Vice-Chancellor
No. 1383: New Orleans: Community and Resistance
No. 1384: The Embattled Governor, 5
No. 1385: Institutiionalized Corruption
No. 1386: Botswana's Weekly Report
No. 1387: God and the Governor, 1
No. 1388: God and the Governor, 2
No. 1389: France and its colonial past
No. 1390: The Embattled Governor, 6
No. 1391: The end of Africa?
No. 1392: Education and the end of Social Contract
No. 1393: Bongo's 7th Term
No. 1394: Power Cuts in Ghana
No. 1395: A Pan African Radio and Television
No. 1396: The Embattled Governor, 7
No. 1397: Botswana's Weekly Update
No. 1398: Mamdani to Museveni
No. 1399: The President and His Vice, 1
No. 1400: Obasanjo and a Third-term ambition, 1
No. 1401: The Embattled Governor, 8
No. 1402: Obituary: Dr. Louis Djisovi Ikukomi Eason
No. 1403: The Culture Wars of 2005
No. 1404: Art, Truth & Politics---Pinter's Nobel Lecture
No.1405: The Embattled Governor, 9
No. 1406: Roy Sesana, the Alternative Nobel Prize winner, speaks
No.1408: Africa's Black Gold Rush
No.1409: Oil and Misery
No.1410: WTO At Hong Kong
No.1411: WTO At Hong Kong, 2
No.1412: Peter McGregor and the anti-Apartheid Movement
No.1413: Chad Backs Out of Pledge
No.1414: A National Rebirth
No.1415: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 2
No.1416: How Blacks Become Whites
No.1417: Botswana's Weekly
No.1418: ASA Presidential Address, 2005
No.1420: Nigeria: North vs South, 1
No.1421: Ethiopia and Totalitarianism
No.1422: Nigeria: North vs South, 2
No.1423: The theater of empty talk
No.1424: Nigeria: North vs South, 3
No.1425: Nigeria: North vs South, 4
No.1426: Of Death and Relevance
No.1427: Of Death and Relevance, 2
No.1428: Big Brother, Little Red Book
No.1429: From Ghana to France Via Nigeria
No.1430: Dumping Toxic Waste on Africa, 1
No.1431: Dumping Toxic Waste on Africa, 2
No.1433: Federal agents' visit was a hoax
No.1434: Kenya's Success
No.1434b: Christmas and Crass Commercialism
No.1435: The Trouble With Nigeria
No.1436: Ghana's Uneasy Embrace of Slavery's Diaspora
No.1437: Nollyworld
No.1438: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 4
No.1439: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 5
No.1440: Ghana's Uneasy Embrace of Slavery's Diaspora, 2
No.1441: Nollywood, 2
No.1442: Mubarak's Democracy
No.1443: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 6
No.1444: Death By Dilution
No.1445: ANTHONY APPIAH: The Case for Contamination
No.1446: 2005
No.1447: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 7
No.1448: Cultural Promiscuity
No.1449: Encountering Ghana
No.1450: Charity and the Blame Game
No.1451: Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa
No.1452: Jump-starting Nigeria
No.1453: How to write about Africa
No.1454: Slavery Day In France
No.1455: Alcohol in South Sudan
No.1456: Benefactors as Beneficiaries
No.1457: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 6
No.1458: Riots in France
No.1459: Who Killed the Sudanese Asylum Seekers?titled Document
No.1463: In praise of Rebecca Garang
No.1464: Archives on an Ex-Governor
No.1465: Archives on an Ex-Governor,2
No.1466: Disarray at Center for Dr. King
No.1467: Ulli Beier and Chinua Achebe
No.1468: Archives on an Ex-Governor, 3
No.1469: Madam President, Welcome!
No.1470: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement
No.1471: MLK: One Preacher Who Made a Difference
No.1472: Relief Food Workers Dying of Starvation
No.1473: Professors & unpaid gratuities
No.1474: Mama Ellen, the President
No.1475: Archives on an Ex-Governor, 4
No.1476: Madagascar and the Gold Rush
No. 1477: Spying on Professors
No. 1478: Academic Success and Political Orientation
No. 1478b: Sons of Abraham
No.1480: Onyeani's Bid
No.1481: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 7
No.1482: Wives for sale?
No.1483: Wives for sale? Dog food or No food?
No.1484: Debt and the Nation
No.1485: Haiti and Deaths
No.1486: Hunger Crisis in Niger: Starvation by the Market
No.1487: Of Race and Its Definition
No.1488: Of capitalism and Food Shortage
No.1489: A Local Coach for Ghana?
No.1490: A Local Coach for Ghana, 2
No.1491: A Letter to Onyeani
No.1493: Kenya and Corruption
No.1494: Obituary: Dr. Beko Kuti
No.1495: Cartoons as Weapons of Mass Provocation
No.1496: Mr. Bush and Genocide
No.1497: Corruption and "cannibalism" in Nigeria
No.1498: Mamdani on the Cartoons and Free Speech
No.1499: Obituary: Peggy Appiah
No.1500: Black Liberation and Socialism
No.1501: Europe's Cultural Arrogance
No.1502: In Praise of South Africa
No.1502b: The West Can't Save Africa
No.1503: Cartoons, Oil and Violence in Nigeria
No.1504: Obituary: F. K. Buah
No.1504: Managing Globalization
1507: Child Labor in Ghana
1508: Playing Chicken With Bird Flu
1509: Mubarak and Bush
1509a: Emailing Professors
1510: After Neoconservatism
No 1510a. Decline of Nigerian Literature
No 1510b. Unjust Murder
No.1512: Cartoons and Riots in Nigeria
No. 1513: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 8
No.1514: A Dangerous Democracy
No.1515: Dual Citizenship and Elective Offices In Nigeria
No.1516: Diaspora Vote In Ghana
No. 1517: Beko's legacy
No.1518: Obituary: John La Rose, 1927-2006
No. 1519: The Bell Curve and Free Speech
No. 1519a: Ghana at 49
No. 1520: Obituary, Gordon Parks
No. 1521: The Problems of Political Succession
No. 1522: Obituary, Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin
No. 1523: Academic Freedom
No.1524: Worse Than Iraq?
No.1525: Richard Pryor
No.1526: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 9
No.1527: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 10
No.1527b: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 11
No.1528: Achille Mbembe and the Postcolony
No. 1529: Octavia Butler
No. 1530: Nigeria as the Next Iraq
No. 1531: Declining Education Standard
No. 1532: Looking for Common Ground
No. 1533: China in Africa - the new imperialism?
No. 1534: China in Africa - the new
No. 1535: Congo - Part 1 of 2
No. 1536: Congo - Part 2 of 2
No. 1537: Charles Taylor and Liberia
No. 1538: From Activism to Politics in Nigeria
No. 1539: Race, Class and Art
No. 1540: Trial of a 'War Hero'?
No.1541: Spreading Genocide to Chad
No. 1542: Plight Deepens for Black Men
No. 1543: Religion and Politics in Nigeria
No. 1544: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 12
No. 1545: Justice for Charles Taylor
No. 1546: China's African Policy
No. 1547: Changes to Minority Scholarship Programs
No. 1547b: Ethiopian Political Marketplace
No. 1548: Slavery and the Empire
No. 1549: African Studies
No. 1550: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 13
No. 1550b: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 14
No. 1551: Closing the Digital Divide
No. 1552: Women and Muslim laws in Nigeria
No. 1553: Engaging Ayesha Imam
No. 1554: Songs of Mali
No. 1555: Obasanjo and a third-term ambition, 14
No. 1556: From a Janitor to President
No. 1557: Explaining Blackness
No. 1558: Overstating AIDS
No. 1559: Obasanjo and a third-term Agenda
No. 1560: Elections in New Orleans
No. 1561: Obasanjo and the Third Term Agenda, 17
No. 1563: Obituary, Philip Shea
No. 1564: Globalisation's Unsung Martyrs
No. 1566: Blood and Oil
No. 1568: Sour Kinship or Slavery?
No. 1569: Hotel Rwanda
No. 1570: Hotel Rwanda Soyinka's memoir
No. 1571: Niger Delta: Peace Strategy
No. 1572: Amadou Ly: Talent and Illegal Immigration
No. 1573: Review of Soyinka's Book
No. 1574: Kassahun Checole
No. 1575: Becoming Abigail
No. 1576: May Day
No. 1577: Obasanjo's N20 Trillion Plan
No. 1578: Nigeria
No. 1579: Immigrants in the US
No. 1580: Diversifying Faculties
No. 1581: The Failure of Public Education
No. 1581b: Depleted Uranium
No. 1582: Citation, Toyin Falola
No. 1583: Zuma clears of rape charge
No. 1584: France and Legacy of Slavery
No. 1585: Zuma and Rape
No. 1586: Obasanjo and the Third Term Agenda, 19
No. 1587: Kofi Anan on African Leadership
No. 1588: The Black Epidemic
No. 1589: Darfur and Peacekeepers
No. 1590: The World Igbo Congress
No. 1591: Nigerian Foreign Minister
No. 1592: Obasanjo and the Third Term Agenda, 20
No. 1594: African Force in Darfur
No. 1595: The Investigation of Ward Churchill: Report and Response
No. 1596: Nigerian president will step down
No. 1597: Obasanjo Gives Up
No.1598: Is Canada a Colonial Country?
No. 1599: Reith Lectures 2006: Daniel Barenboim
No. 1600: Obasanjo's tragedy
No. 1601: Ogoni Nine To Get Presidential Pardon
No. 1602: Obituary: Stanley Kunitz
No. 1603: Nigerian E-mail Scam
No.1604: The Rich and Poor in Nigeria
No. 1605: A Failed Presidency
No. 1606: Soyinka on his memoir
No. 1607: Abiola Irele at 70
No. 1608: Obituary: Adu Boahen?

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